The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. – Socrates

When I lived in Texas, I lived in this tiny vintage trailer. I thought it was so wonderful that people would offer me huge sums of money for it.

This is how it looked when I first bought it in Blanco, Texas.spirit trailer-beforeThen it evolved as an artist friend of mine painted Native American designs on it

liz:chloe. trailer-back-fence copyI lived in it for about 3 years. I was perfectly happy in the small space and even edited our documentary, Manitou Api while I lived there but I very unhappy trying to survive inside, in the Texas heat. And the electric bill in winter was outrageous….just for one small heater.trailer-interior copy 2trailer-interior copy

Some friends brought it to New Mexico for me and at times, I thought I might sell it but my intuition seemed to say that people might come and need a place to stay.

In the meantime, the front got painted orange with a blue decktrailer:blue deckNow the Brown Piglet and I are painting it and making it livable for winter. I’m painting clouds on the ceiling and it’s been sheet rocked and painted blues and greens instead of white.jody painting turquise trailerI understand a lot more about using solar energy and wood to heat than I did living in Texas..actually I didn’t understand any of that in Texas.

A small inexpensive solar kit will provide light and the tiny HOBBIT STOVE, which is made in England, will provide heat..all of that is all you need really…PAINTING THE HOBBIT hobbit stove toolshobbit painted

We painted the HOBBIT with Copper and Sky Blue Stove Bright paint

Maybe in about 10 more days, it should be finished and I’ll post part 2. In the meantime, there are lots of great websites about vintage trailers and living in small spaces.


  1. I love this story and all of the earlier posts. I am already addicted to reading your fabulous blog and am going to share it with friends, because it is so inspiring and insightful. Thank you for sharing your life with readers like me.


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