Real love doesn’t make you suffer. How could it?

-Eckhart Tolle

As I’m writing these posts, I’m remembering many of the things I was taught by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross because without the help she gave me, I wouldn’t be alive today.  And this is true, I’m sure, of many, many others who met with her or went to her workshops.

File_01 ekr & the nuns

Andy Pickard and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross making the peace sign..Cindy Pickard front row left…with the nuns and organizers of Elisabeth’s lecture at University of Houston 1978?

Anyway, I came across this Youtube video of Elisabeth talking to high school about suicide. If you take the time to watch it, it has a deep, unforgettable message ..not just about suicide but about LIFE.

My brother killed himself when he was 16 and his story is similar to that of the 11 year old boy that Elisabeth is talking about. My brother [his name was Flip, short for Philip] was having a lot of difficulty in school and problems adjusting in life so my dad sent him to military school where they “make boys into men”

He got worse there so he was sent to the Devereaux School in Victoria, Texas for emotionally disturbed children.FLIP LAST PHOTO

After a year and a half, Flip was finally allowed to come home for a visit. My dad thought his hair was too long and he hated that he had started smoking cigarettes. My dad could not or would not overlook these 2 small things…

When Flip went back to Devereaux, he took one of my dad’s guns and killed himself in the school gym…and my dad though he lived into his 80s, could never understand  “I love you if..”

It doesn’t have to be that way….maybe it’s just remembering what really matters… chloe-pip-ultra

and overlooking all the little things that don’t..

1 thought on ““I LOVE YOU IF…..”

  1. I was laying in bed thinking if how much I love my children and grandchildren and wondering if I’m doing everything alright. I watched this and it made me see things in a very different way. There is no ‘ I love you if’ in my love for mine…thank you Cindy…I love you!


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