Can Art be Medicine?

“Even though some people might think art isn’t the same as medicine, it was my medicine and I think without it I just would have still been sick.”

Stephanie Paseornek

Writer, Heart transplant recipient

 I’ve written about this subject a lot lately in previous posts, because I’ve always used the arts extensively in my work and I’ve always found them to be profoundly healing:

words we speak memorial

With Hospice patients: Encouraging them to paint, draw, write poetry, make audio tapes or videos ….films of the dying:peter

In an art class we created for our AIDS patients which culminated in an exhibit of their work at the University of Texas,File_01 joe:aids

In presentations I’ve done for Hospice and Death Education organizations where creating memorials was part of the presentation DANNY BOY MEMORIALlynn memorialWith our photo/oral history exhibits matthew for sah copy copy


Matthew Rogan with his mom and Sister Diane who counseled him, at a presentation of “Between Now and Forever” in which his story [see above collage] was a part   Our Lady of Lourdes  West Islip, NY

 *A Child’s Grief/September 11th Story  now belongs to the Houston Firefighters Memorial Houston, Texas

and in our documentary films.

So today, I got an email today from an organization called THE FOUNDATION FOR ART AND HEALING  which said
Dear Cindy,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We are looking into your project, and seeing how prison reform might fit within our mission to explore the ways creative expression can help heal. Thank you for your important and moving work. We will be in touch.


 The Foundation for Art & Healing

I looked up their website and found the short clip below-I liked it a lot..looking at Art and Healing from a little different point of view


3 thoughts on “Can Art be Medicine?

  1. I love this video about art being a healing medicine. Thank you, for posting this, because this evening I plan to paint a picture.


  2. We still can’t thank you enough for donating “A Child’s Grief” to the Houston Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund, where is proudly hangs in their office building. Love you!


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