It’s Not Important..a very short story

mayameLast night I was talking to a longtime friend in Texas. We talk often about what’s happening in our lives at the moment. Nancy is a very happy, positive person and it always cheers me up immensely to talk to her.

Last night we were talking about the things that are important to us and those that are not.

And she told me this story, part of which I knew.

In the late 80s, she and her husband Jim had an embroidery shop, a very successful one in Austin, Tx.

They embroidered jackets for some of the Austin musicians and they also did a lot of monogramming.

Their shop was a fun place to go to because they always brought their three dogs to work and Jim was a happy person like Nancy. Their big sewing machines were always running and both Jim and Nancy loved to talk and they talked at the same time so it was sometimes hard to hear but it didn’t matter… was the energy of the place that made you want to be there and then too, they were soul mates and so happy to be together.

But early one December Jim got sick…he thought he had the flu but it was a brain tumor and very quickly, he had surgery. He was given 45 days to live and in a matter of weeks, he was under hospice care so he could stay at home.

Nancy, under tremendous pressure, kept their shop running by herself. Jim, at home by himself, was constantly in her thoughts and then too, she was she worried about money-the shop was their only income… and what would happen to the shop…she knew she couldn’t keep it going without Jim.

One evening she came home, exhausted from work and she sat on the floor next to Jim’s bed and started talking, telling him about her day, her thoughts and fears….

And as she looked up at him, he put finger to his lips and said “’s not important.” And she realized it wasn’t.

Last night after Nancy told me this story, I remembered the times I had gone to visit my hospice patients back when I was working for Hospice Austin. I thought I had a lot of problems then and often, as I drove to see these patients, I would be worrying, feeling angry or stressed about something.

But as soon as I  walked into their rooms, all my worries, my fears, my negative thoughts  went away and I understood at the deepest level “It’s not Important.”jason breathing tube 2

Nancy, whose story I just told, has a great it here

I’ve put this film clip up in a previous post but I’m putting it up a second time because “it is important”


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