The Acequias of Northern New Mexico/the old Traditions and the New Earth

The elders, the viejitos talk about “la sabiduria del agua,” (the inherent knowledge of water) and the “juicio de la tierra” (the wisdom of the earth) -Estevan Arellano

New Mexico has a spiritual power emanating from the landscape—its rios, mesas, llanos, sierras—that informs our traditional cultures.

Native Americans live each day in a vibrant relationship with everything around them. For them, New Mexico is not just a place to live. It is a way to live.


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Similarly, Indo-Hispanos have created an intimate relationship with the landscape over the past three or four centuries.el aqua..

They built acequias—communal irrigation systems—not only to sustain an agricultural lifestyle, but also to caress and sustain the Earth and its natural creatures.

When I was still in Texas, and looking for a place to live in northern New Mexico, several people said to me “Be careful, you can’t own your own water in New Mexico.”

They were talking about the acequias which run through much of the land in northern New Mexico and which belong to the community and not to individuals. Or maybe, better said, the acequias belong to the Earth itself.sunset acequiaAcequias evolved over 10,000 years in the deserts of the Middle East ….. Spanish colonizers took acequias to the New World.

Acequias included specific governance over water distribution, water scarcity plans, and all other matters pertaining to what was viewed as a communal resource.acequias workers

In the spring, every able-bodied male was required to show up on the appointed day and time to clean and repair the acequia madre—the mother ditch from which each individual plot received irrigation water.

This model of cooperation and communal ownership can be a guide as we enter a time when climate change, lack of oil, or economic turmoil will require deep change in the way we live.

  • everything in italics is from an article titled

    Ancient Traditions Keep Desert Waters Flowing by

Nobody knows what the next few years will bring as far as change but it must be obvious to everyone that the old world is dying, the Titanic is sinking very fast…we can all see this on the ‘news’ everyday.

The New is coming in, the caterpillar cannot crawl any must become the butterfly. It seems to me that is the choice for all of us: we can become the butterfly or die as a caterpillar. *There are people running for president here in the US who, if elected, will cause many to die as caterpillars and maybe another who might help us evolve into the next stage..

The ancient traditions and cultures can show us how to live in balance again..with Nature, with the Earth, with the each other and there is no one who can “make America great again” without recognizing and respecting these ancient, universal truths.  And without acknowledging that Columbus most definitely did not discover America.

FIREThe Prophecy of the 8th Fire

They will come to a fork in the road. One road will lead to Materialism and Destruction…..for almost all living creatures….The other road will lead to a Spiritual Way upon which the Native People will be standing…This path will lead to the lighting of the 8th fire, a period of eternal peace, harmony and a “New Earth” where the destruction of the past will be healed

Anishnabe prophecy

Below is a very beautiful, short film which not only explains the acequias but LIFE and living in balance.


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