A Little Old Fashioned Karma Comin’ Down/Wake up America!

There’s just a little old fashioned karma coming down
Just a little old fashioned justice going round
A little bit of sowing and a little bit of reaping
A little bit of laughing and a little bit of weeping
Just a little old fashioned karma coming down

Coming down, coming down
Just a little old fashioned karma coming down
It really ain’t hard to understand
If you’re gonna dance you gotta pay the band
It’s just a little old fashioned karma coming down

-Willy Nelson

 I never write about politics..don’t see politics as a way to make things better or really change things..no matter who or what, they seem to stay the same..or get worse.
I’ve always understood that the way to create change is one person at a time..”becoming conscious” as the spiritual teachers, beginning with the Buddha, would say.
So that’s been my focus and it it still is my focus.
But there’s something different about this election, more passion, more anger…greater possibilities for PEACE and a very great possibility for DESTRUCTION, destruction I believe, of Everything..
Years ago, many years ago, my ex husband railroaded me into voting for Nixon..and really I didn’t care…I didn’t care about anything in those days-my life was so torn apart.
But now I see some changes happening..good ones with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and I see the same possibilities with Bernie Sanders..so if Bernie is nominated I will vote again and if not I will, as many people are, consider leaving this country.


So for Mr Trump [I don’t like to even speak your name] I’m putting up this Willy Nelson song, “A Little Old Fashioned Karma Coming Down”  …seems like it’s comin down now..seems like it came down in Chicago yesterday…it always does no matter how fabulous you think you are, how much money you have..it always does..when you promote hate, it comes back to you a thousandfold!  Didn’t you learn that…I thought you read the Bible??

 And for Bernie, this “Dear America”clip..GREAT!
Nothing for Hilary..I can’t stand her either..
I mean do we want to at least try for a better world..it’s a possibility…”I saw  a new Heaven and a New Earth”
And for all those people who are all worried about socialism…democratic socialism, then educate yourself and look into what that really means and remember The First Nations People, the WISE ONES who lived in Community and never imagined that they owned the land or the water. Chief-Seattle-Earth-does-not-belongHow does anyone imagine they own anything when we’re here on this Earth for such a very, very short time……  have a visit  to the cemetery and it will become crystal clear….. [I think we have a form of democratic socialism here in my community with the water..read The Acequias of Northern New Mexico]
And wake up to the fact that a whole lot of Americans are supporting Donald Trump who most certainly has ties to the Nazi philosophy and the Klu Klux Klan and is said to have a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed…….How does that make sense? The US went to war with the other allies to defeat Nazi Germany and now you’re going to vote for one? Maybe you need to refresh your memory with some of the movies on the Holocaust!
Last but not least, I’m putting up John Lennon’s much loved song, IMAGINE [for which he was probably killed as it promotes Peace]kids circle-chinese girl


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