The Teachings of the Tomatoes and the Swiss chard

Simplicity is the hallmark of this spiritual life; there is nothing complicated about it. If you feel it is complicated, it is of your own making; therefore change your attitude toward it and see what happens. Waste no more time chasing rainbows. All you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All you have to do is to be still and take time to seek for what is within, and you will surely find it. The answer is there. Be very patient, wait upon Me, and all will be revealed to you at the right time

-Eileen Caddy

Last night I was eating my dinner of Swiss chard and tomatoes from the greenhouse…march greenhouse

A friend had brought over a pork chop and I ate that too though I usually don’t eat pork chops. I have been living mostly on bean and cheese burritos, ignoring the tomatoes, chard and herbs growing in the greenhouse–I  have been in a sort of survival mode.

But as I was eating my dinner, I realized quite suddenly, sort of in a flash of light, how much of what I have around me is freely available and this began with the realization that I was eating a healthy meal that I didn’t have to pay for..more tomatos on steps

For several months now, things have very difficult for me- no money, disappearing friends, one loss after another-a few weeks ago the death of our beloved milk cow, Tilly , a huge and painful sadness.TILLY GATE WAITING Every time I’ve picked myself up, I’ve been knocked down again and it has seemed like nothing that I tried has worked. I’ve looked for a reason for all the suffering, asked for a sign but none has appeared.  My faith is just about gone and  I’ve  been consumed with anger and bitterness.  I haven’t been able to see outside of my ‘problems’.

So suddenly I SAW all that was around me here at my place called Hobbiton,  SAW all that was provided by nature and..hobbiton sign front close…it was like I stepped into another world.those who wander arch The intense anger I had been feeling seemed to dissolve as a lot of thoughts and feelings moved through me:

I thought about my favorite time of day which is actually the evening when I make a fire in my little wood stove and sit in my fur [faux fur] covered rocking chair,phantom:fur rocker drinking a glass of wine [with orange juice] and watching the fire, the only time lately when I’ve been able to feel any peace at all.

fire open door

 “”Fire is the sun..there’s a fire in each and everyone of us and that fire is to be nurtured, that fire is a doorway for the entrance of the spirit..there should be sacred fires that should sweep across the country allowing the entrance of the spirit to come within our presence..that is the power of the sacred bring healing to bring light into the world..”

-Anishnabe Elder, Dave Courchene/Leading Earth Man

And I thought about the wood which is also free as this land is covered with ponderosa pine and so needs to be thinned often because of fire dangerjody:hobbit tree #1 ?

jody wood 2.jpg

I realized that the batteries for my solar system, which I’ve been stressing out about because they’re getting older and I have no money to replace them… were actually charging pretty well now that there’s more light.

sunrise:11:11:11And I thought about the Sun which provides this free electricity and how the First Nations people recognize it as the most visible sign of the Creator:

“To our people the sun is the clearest physical symbol that there is a higher power of spirit so the sun represents that understanding of where we receive life and of course the sun in its physical manifestation…everything grows

-Anishnabe Elder Dave Courchene/Leading Earth Man

It has never worked for me to do those gratitude exercises and I’ve been too angry to do them anyway. So this was not that, this realization did not come from effort, it just happened. It was like I suddenly stepped into another world where I could see more clearly.sun:snow:rainbows

When I was thinking of these things, I was remembering a passage from one of my favorite books, The Magic of Findhorn written by Paul Hawken in 1975.

The Magic of Findhorn is the story of Eileen and Peter Caddy, an upper middle class, British couple who, after going through many, many tests, trials and hardships, became the founders of The Findhorn Community:

In Findhorn, they grew 40-pound cabbages, 8 foot delphiniums, and roses that bloomed in the snow. What is the source of this spectacular success? Experts have concluded that there must be some vital unknown at work, some extraordinarily powerful Factor X. What is this X? And why has this garden of plants now become a garden of people who-like the plants-flourish and visibly glow? Now, Paul Hawken, who went as a skeptic, tells us why: “Findhorn may be a manifestation of light and power which could transform our planet within a lifetime.”

In the passage I was thinking of, Eileen and Peter Caddy after successfully managing a 4 star hotel for several years..



…suddenly and for no apparent reason, lose their jobs. As a result,they are forced to go their separate ways for a while as Peter goes to find work in another part of Scotland and Eileen is sent to live with a relative on the island of Mull. There she lives under extremely poor conditions, becoming more and more miserable and angry as her life becomes increasingly difficult. Her only friend is a man known as the ‘village idiot’ who brings her an egg every few days, which he carries in his pocket and is often a cracked and sticky mess by the time he gives it to her.


In the passage I remember, Eileen having reached her lowest point of misery, anger and resentment, suddenly begins to see and appreciate the smallest things without asking anymore for anything to change: her friend who brings her an egg, the beauty of the place,


Isle of Mull  Scotland

…everything that that she has not been able to see in her angry and resentful state. She feels thankful for what she does have and in that moment, the light returns and her life is changed.

I’ve also been thinking of all the guidance that has probably been available to me, right next to me but I’ve been too angry to listen. [years ago, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross taught me a way to contact my spirit guides and I do but I have been mad at them too]

Spirit is free, spirit is unconditional in terms of its love, all around us is the spirit that our great Creator has put there to help us in our individual life..spiritually…one can have the presence of the bear beside them, can have the presence of the spirit of the eagle, one can have an angel beside them one can have the spirit of light which comes from that spiritual reality to guide that individual spiritually, to give that individual inspiration in their spirit and their heart to guide them toward their own greatness in life but we don’t hear it because we’re so fogged with materialism, we’re so clouded by hatred and fear and anger that that is in total opposition of the reality of the essence of spirit

-Anishnabe Elder, Dave Courchene/Leading Earth Man

So  I don’t know if this feeling, this revelation will last..I hope so but if not, I know it’s there somewhere and I can find it again..

Below are 2 film clips on The Findhorn Community because I have tried to do, in a very,  very small way, what the Caddy’s did at Findhorn.

The first one starts out a little slow  but it picks up and is beautiful and worth watching.

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