Altars, My Dream, Sacred Art for the Times of Transition…it’s in the Zeitgeist

When the candles are lit, the altar becomes the center; it becomes a sacred place, a strikingly colorful, meaningful locus of power and source of light. It opens doors, it transforms ordinary space. An altar has a numinous, powerful presence. An altar to a dead person brings reconciliation, healing, consolation, comfort, it gives ritual expression to grief as it heals. It brings out the stories, the memories, the history, the continuity of life and the family. It unites”.

-Taos Artist, Anita Rodriguez

MYSTICAL VIRGIN GUADALUPEA few nights ago I had a dream about a beautiful, magical, mystical store. I was walking on a sort of runway below it, looking up at this store and it seemed to be shimmering. I could see so many beautiful things in the window, just the kind of things I like and I wanted to get in but the store seemed to be closed. And then it opened and people were going in and I was in the store too.

The dream was a relief because I’ve had so many creepy and unpleasant dreams lately.

Anyway, I assumed the dream had something to do with POOH’S STORE which I haven’t been doing much with and then yesterday I went to visit my friend, the amazing, ultra super creative, Taos artist, Anita Rodriguez



Anita’s home is her studio and sitting there talking to her, I was surrounded by magical paintings, altars and costumes…..

anita-water carriers

Water Carriers   Anita Rodriguez

In a way the experience was sort of an extension of my dream about the beautiful store.

I had taken with me some altars/retablos that Jody Armijo [the Brown Piglet] had recently created for POOH’S STORE, so Anita could tell me how to price them.poohs store.lace etc

After I had described to her my vision for  POOH’S STORE  as “Sacred & Visionary Art for the Times of Transition and Transcendence”, she told me that this same vision is in the zeitgeist [the general beliefs, ideas, and spirit of a time and place] of many artists at this time. In fact she said, she would be having a show called Devotion and Transcendence at The Taos Inn in June. Amazing synchronicity….always makes me feel I’m on the right path!

               POOH’S STORE

At this time, there are five of us represented in POOH’S STOREnewourstory_8_tile and all of us have created our art out of life experiences which have often challenged us and sometimes taken us into dark and painful places. We have used our art as a way to transform and transcend these places and so, we hope to offer much needed peace, inspiration and courage in these times of transition.

                                   Jody Armijo

“I want to give back and to thank the Creator for my art that takes me to the secret place of LIFE”

-artist and craftsman,Jody Armijo

jody gate:la paz:prison


handkerchief pen:ink:closer #6Jody’s art comes out of time spent in prison earlier in his life and from his Hispanic heritage. As Anita was looking at his altars, she was telling me that his art, his iconography is in his DNA…it dates back centuries.

Jonathan Warm Day Coming, Taos Pueblo Artist & Author

“Art has and still continues to brighten away those dark moments that sometimes enter my life.”

-Jonathan Warm Day Coming


11x17vertbear_flag copy

Jonathan’s art has evolved out of growing up on Taos Pueblo. His mother, who was a well known artist, died at an early age and Jonathan began drinking. He tells the story of how he tried several times without success, to get into a Detox program and then one day as he puts it  “I just shut the door to my house and started painting.” His addiction to alcohol disappeared as he began to paint.

Cody Little Hawk Swimmer, Cherokee artist

“Thanks to the Creator for the vision and inspiration for this journey. A world without prayer has no center to it. Prayer is the bridge between the visible and invisible world.”

-Cherokee artist and musician, Cody Little Hawk Swimmercody:flute

cody:pouch:close 2

Cody grew up on the Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina. He has experienced many, many losses in his life and has used his art and his music [flute] to transform himself and others around him. When he played his flute at an event we had in Taos a few years ago, three people, including a young child, told him they saw angels around him as he played.


“Story telling through film”ANDY THE EDITOR

Andy has a degree in Radio/Television/Film from The University of Texas-Austin and was the director and senior managing editor of the History Channels production Nostradamus 2012

Native American, Grammy Award Winner, Tom Bee has called Andy one of the very best editors he has ever known.

 CINDY PICKARDme stage:taos

“I have always loved art and have incorporated it into my work with the dying. When I began making films with my son, I wanted to tell the stories of the people we cared for and worked with, so a larger audience could be inspired by their wisdom. Our documentary films have reached hundreds of people throughout the US and Canada and are used by hospitals, nursing schools, hospices, universities and libraries.”

*I will be putting more of our films in the store but in the meantime, all of them are listed and described in OUR FILMSI will also be adding a lot more art pieces to the store

*If you are interested in reading about what led me to this work, go to  ABOUT

So this is how I have visualized  POOH’S STORE just like in my dream, a store with magical  mystical things which can help in bringing peace, comfort, inspiration and transcendence in these very difficult times on Earth.

2 thoughts on “Altars, My Dream, Sacred Art for the Times of Transition…it’s in the Zeitgeist

  1. This is a most beautiful storytelling, it invites me gently – with heartfelt humble gratitude for my presence – into this very beautiful store full of rich creativity honed from life’s multi-layered memories, expressly from within the DNA. Thank you for this gracious invitation to browse and absorb the treasures here.


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