A week ago I got into an argument on Facebook regarding a politician I REALLY don’t like..I had made a few comments mentioning that this person seemed to lack compassion, warmth etc and a woman who read my comments got VERY offended and wrote back some sarcastic words, saying “Well you must be a VERY compassionate person!” so I responded by sending her my Gofundme site, not for a contribution but because it’s my story and some of the best of my work and people I had worked with over the past 28 years had written letters and stories which I combined with some great film clips and photos. So then the woman wrote back another sarcastic comment telling me that I was a self promoter. Horrors a self promoter…imagine that!

Feeling really irritated, I thought that’s  funny……isn’t that what Facebook is mostly about and certainly nearly all the politicians and almost everyone in the government are self promoters to the max.

But the thing is, I’m not a self promoter and never have been until recently when I’ve been in dire straits and been forced to be. In fact, it’s because I have always put other people first that I’m in such trouble financially. I had  always thought this what you were supposed to do-put others first- but I found out, it gets you in trouble and not many of those people you put first are going to be there for you when you need help.

Years ago I was in a workshop with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in Kamloops, British Columbia..there were about 75 people in the workshop, many suffering from great loss: death of a child, terminal illness etc.File_01 ekr:khamalaEveryone worked with Elisabeth individually but in front of the group…..Elisabeth never used a formula when working with people which is why her work was life-changing for so many.

Anyway when my turn came, she told me that I would have to go up to each person in the group and ask for a hug.File_06 ekr wkshop singAnd to the 75 people in the group, she said “Don’t do it unless she asks.” I HATED doing this but I did it and when I finished, Elisabeth said “Did you learn your lesson, did you learn that you have to ask for what you need?”

So now after all these years, this lesson has come back to me and I’ve been asking for what I need and actually I’m kind of enjoying being a self promoter…as my main teacher now is Eckhart Tolle, I work toward detaching myself from form/ego so this is all just sort of a funny kind of exercise, something I’m not taking seriously..

It’s another lesson for me, maybe in finding a balance so while I’m finding the balance [the balance between being of service and taking care of myself]  please help me out by going to my  GOFUNDME

site and making a contribution. If you read my story, I’m pretty sure that you’ll see that I’ve done far more service work and significant good deeds than the woman I read about who raised $23,000 on gofundme so she could pay off her student loans and become a nun and I have nothing against nuns.

Several people have told me they were praying for me or keeping me in their thoughts. I appreciate that but so much of what people say to someone in distress are just empty words..when someone offers their condolences…does that really mean anything or would it be better to say “Is there some way I can help…like maybe just listening to what you’re going through.”

giraffe heroesA little more Self Promotion: you can go to The Giraffe Heroes Facebook page and ‘like’ my story. It’s 10 or stories down, immediately after the George Burns poster. The Giraffe Heroes Project honors people who stick their necks out for the common good and I’m proud to be one of  the 1300 Giraffes that have been recognized in the past 3 decades.

So I’ll keep on promoting myself for fun…..for a while….see if it works..find the balance.


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