Something from Nothing/Drop a Word of Kindness and What are We Being Prepared For?

*I write these blog posts from my heart..about my work with the First Nations People, about my teachers such as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, about my time spent with terminally ill patients, about life off the grid in northern New Mexico. Though in some ways, I write for myself, I try always to share information and experiences that may be helpful to others, that are universal.

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I was about to finish writing this Friday night when my internet suddenly went down. It was down all weekend until this morning when my son helped me [long distance] figure out what was wrong. But as I experienced being cut off from the internet for 2 days, I had the opportunity to see how I’m addicted to it and what things I missed not having access to it. And I thought about what would happen if it goes down nationally or globally which is part of the theme of this post: what are we being prepared for?

Anyway this is what I was writing before the internet went down:

A couple nights ago, early in the morning when once again, I couldn’t sleep, I went to check my email. A very kind and caring friend of mine, Kathy had sent an encouraging message and encouragement means so much to me these days..really it’s what gives me the strength to keep going..

Drop a word of cheer and kindness:
just a flash and it is gone;
But there’s half-a-hundred ripples
circling on and on and on,
Bearing hope and joy and comfort
on each splashing, dashing wave
Till you wouldn’t believe the volume
of the one kind word you gave.

~By James W. Foley~

When I wrote back to Kathy to thank her for her note, I told her about something which has been happening to me just recently: An appreciation for the smallest things, things I probably would have missed or paid little attention to, if all was going well in my life.

I told her that a few days ago, I was sitting in our living roombeautiful-pink-livingroom

at the rose table [painted a year ago by Jody Armijo] and wow-rose-table

Jody [sometimes known as the Brown Piglet] was weaving a tiny cross in a heart out of ordinary string that we had in a drawer. The late afternoon light was shining on him and I watched in amazement that something so beautiful could come out of almost nothing, just some old string….string

. string-cross

Part of my amazement too, was watching Jody who is by choice, somewhat rough and tough looking,jody-don't come here

make something so delicate and beautiful. He had learned to make crosses and bracelets and necklaces in prison jodys-pink-cross-3 which other inmates as well as the guards bought, giving him money to buy cigarettes and food.

Drop a word of cheer and kindness:
in a minute you forget;
But there’s gladness still a-swelling,
and there’s joy circling yet,
And you’ve rolled a wave of comfort
whose sweet music can be heard
Over miles and miles of water
just by dropping one kind word.

~By James W. Foley~

The DIY ‘Wolf Food’ Freezer/Something from Nothing

I recently wrote about my experience with the wolfdog rescue people..their kindness and incredible generosity which restored some of my diminished faith and trust in humans.

For months, I had been looking for a companion for Shiloh, my year and a half old wolfdog as his companion had died of old age. Wolfdogs are family oriented, pack oriented animals and they should not be left alone, so for months I tried everything: rescue centers, shelters and even writing to a family member who had experience rescuing dogs. Not only did this person not offer any help, she sent me a the most condescending and degrading note I’ve ever gotten, telling me that I couldn’t afford to adopt a dog. Nothing was working out and I felt so sad and guilty every time I looked at Shiloh all alone in his pen.shiloh-tipi-snow copy

So I was feeling pretty low when I finally found the wolf rescue organizations.

Drop an unkind word, or careless:
in a minute it is gone; 
But there’s half-a-hundred ripples   
circling on and on and on.     
They keep spreading, spreading, spreading       
from the center as they go,         
And there is no way to stop them,            
once you’ve started them to flow.              

Drop an unkind word, or careless:
in a minute you forget;
But there’s little waves a-flowing,
and there’s ripples circling yet,
And perhaps in some sad heart
a mighty wave of tears you’ve stirred,
And disturbed a life was happy
ere you dropped that unkind word.

~By James W. Foley~

The post is here where I wrote about wolfdog rescue and all the really wonderful people who helpedkaren_wolf but I wanted to mention again Stephanie Kaylan from Wanagi Wolf Rescue and how she has provided us with freezers full of elk, deer, chicken, fish, ground meat not to mention huge bags of dog food, treats vitamins etc.

It was as if in being willing to rescue the 2 wolfdogs, Sakina and Apollo, food was provided not only for them but for Shilohwolfdog-3-prowl and for us as Stephanie contributed frozen chickens [organic], cheese, yogurt, apricots and much more.

When Stephanie offered to donate the food, we moved an old, faded white freezer into the living room/kitchen area but it needed some color in order to make it into into ‘the wolf food freezer’jody-paints-shilohfreezer

shiloh yello:oj:freezer.jpg

wolf-printsfreezerJody painted it turquoise [we already had the paint] and then he started adding wolf art to it. For a little while longer, it’s still a work in progress.

The Something from Nothing Community

We live in a  rural mountain community where the people have lived for hundreds of years making something out of nothing.ruth-panoramic-wagon

ruth-harvestThey may be considered poor by people from the cities but in fact they are rich because they have their land,mule-team-beanfield

their sheep and their cattleearly morning brand

And they know and have always known how to live off the land.

So lately I’ve been wondering what are we being prepared for? I don’t even have a cell phone anymore and much of what connected me to the outside world has been taken from me. I’ve had to let go of a lot but maybe it is meant to prepare me/us for what’s coming.

The world, the earth cannot continue on this way no matter what promises the politicians make and I think most people know in their hearts that a big change coming. There are a lot of warnings and the cities are like war zones, becoming impossible to live in. Just this morning, there was a shooting in Houston just blocks away from where my son and I once lived. It was in a ‘nice’ neighborhood and not a terrorist attack but just one more person who had lost his sanity [easy to do these days it seems].

So now, here, what we do have is most everything necessary to live: a year round greenhouse providing vegetableschard 2 and herbs, solar energy to provide electricity, chickens to provide eggs and wood to provide heat.shimmering woodstove with fire

For me, I keep hearing these words from Anishnabe Elder, Dave Courchene and I think that THIS is what we’re being prepared for:

“Prepare for the hard times that are coming. Don’t waste time in trying to fight a system that will not change. Rebuild yourself, your families and your nation, with your way of life the Creator has given you.
Stop thinking negatively and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Depend on the land again, for all that you will need to survive. Prepare for the times when people will come looking for help. Prepare to receive the land with your leadership as the true stewards of the land.”

~Elder Dave Courchene, Anishnabe Nation, Eagle Clan ~ from a presentation at Treaties 1-11 Gathering Brandon, Manitoba – August 30, 2016

Below I posted a trailer and Chapter 1 from our documentary, ON THE LAND~Together with the Earth


A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches. Whatever you wish for, you keep. Have faith in your dreams, and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.


This is sort of a continuation of my previous post: Is it time for saying GOODBYE?

I didn’t know if I would write anymore but as it turns out, there are more things to say goodbye to. *This is about me but even so, I always try to include something that will be relevant to others.

This morning I was sitting on my deck watching my wolfdogs play as a pair of ravens flew overhead cackling and teasing the dogs. I’ve read that ravens often follow wolf packs and I love watching them.


This is not my photo–the photographer’s name is on the photo itself

I also keep several raven feathers on my altar because I’m interested in signs and symbolism, particularly animal symbolism:raven-feathers

“If you dream of RAVEN or the RAVEN makes itself known to you, it appears to remind you that you have a choice in all things, perhaps you are not seeing the hidden potential within yourself.

So I was watching the ravens when some memories came back to me.

I remembered that when I first started my non profit which was then called AIDS Care and Assistance, I gave a presentation on AIDS for an adult Sunday School class at an Episcopal church in Austin, Texas.cathedral-me-ttm1 copy

The class was made up mainly of professional men and women and after my presentation, one woman came up to me and said she would like to help in our efforts to raise money.

We had a very small grant which allowed me to give presentations on AIDS to church and community groups but otherwise, we were struggling financially to provide home care for our patients, all of whom were dying.File jason aids amb

This woman as I remember, was the fundraiser for the Austin Opera and she suggested we have a meeting so she could give me some fundraising suggestions. When we met, she first asked me to tell her about my background so I told her I had gone to the Hockaday School in Dallashockaday 4th grade to Hollins College [now Hollins University] in Virginia,sharon-me-jeff that I had married [and since divorced] a doctor me:weddingand had been introduced to Houston society twice. My parents I told her, belonged to several elite clubs in Houston and San Antonio including The Houston Country Club.

“You have connections I would give anything for. Why don’t you use them?” she asked.

“Because” I said “I’ve always felt like Cinderella.” “Then maybe it’s time to get to the end of that story.” she said. That was 28 years ago and I’ve never gotten to the end–I’m not talking about the Prince Charming part but from a wider perspective..I was always the black sheep, feeling like the outcast, unworthy, unwanted etc. etc. Feelings that were far in the background but they were always there I realized this morning.

I grew up in a step family and there was a lot of Cinderella symbolism which I won’t go into detail about except to say that I knew that I didn’t belong.

The summers I spent at my grandparents cottage on Lake Michigan…martha and me

beach footprints…and after my mother died when I was nine, my mother’s sister who I called Aunt Tan, was in charge of me. To say she didn’t like me is an understatement-she criticized everything I did, often telling me my only good feature were my eyebrows, that I was a disgrace to my mother’s memory etc., etc. And she called me Cinderella.  She doted on my cousins, her 2 sons and they often took day trips that I was not allowed to go on. When she spoke to her boys [we were very close in age and usually together], she would not look at me or include me in the conversation. She was the cruelest person I’ve ever known.

So I was Cinderella during the school year and Cinderella in the summers. [I was able to emotionally survive only because of nature: the incredible beauty of Lake Michigan, the dunes and the forests, my horse and my animals ]

Recently I’ve discovered the work of Dr.Gabor Maté, a Jewish, Hungarian born, psychiatrist who lives and practices in Vancouver, British Columbia.gabor_mate I will post 2 of his videos below but in the one called “When the Body says No”, he tells the story of a woman who had ALS and was struggling to keep working as assistant principal of an elementary school even though she had become almost completely disabled. She did not want to ask for help.

He goes on to explain her history: She was an adopted child and soon after she was adopted, her adopted mother got pregnant and had a child who became the center of the mother’s attention. The adopted child understood that she wasn’t wanted, appreciated or celebrated in the same way as the biological child and one of the ways she coped with this  was to be very careful to never make trouble, to be good, to work very hard, to never ask for help……Cinderella

So this morning watching the ravens, these things, these memories all came together and I was able to see consciously that I don’t want to be Cinderella anymore. I saw how this perception has colored my life, the way I see things and most everything I’ve done.  All this past summer, many of my friends have been taking wonderful trips. I see their photos on Facebook and I’ve felt sad and left out–not because I want to go on those trips. I’ve gone pretty much everywhere I ever wanted to go but because of the Cinderella complex–that somehow I didn’t deserve to go, am not worthy etc..that I’m still Cinderella struggling to survive, symbolically scrubbing the floors as everyone in my age group is retired and enjoying that peace of mind that comes after working hard for years and then being able relax and enjoy life.

Below are 2 videos of Dr Gabor Mate that I think are very relevant. I believe that bringing things, patterns, beliefs into our awareness is what frees us and so I’m not Cinderella anymore!



PS  Also posted the official trailer for Disney’s CINDERELLA…as a memory from another time

01.drgabormate on 2015-12-20 at 11_r0 from Tommy Rosen on Vimeo.

Is it time for saying GOODBYE?

Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within.

~Dr. Gabor Maté

Last night, actually early this morning at 3:30 am, I got up because I couldn’t sleep. I sat in my fur covered rocking chair and drank a glass of wine….I was having an anxiety attack.

As I sat there, I began to understand that I needed to disconnect from a lot of things that have been and are part of my life now, things like reading the fear based, so called ‘news’, this  election which is most certainly rigged, which is a combination of spewing hate and meaningless words. I saw too that I needed to disconnect from toxic people and also from putting a huge amount of effort into trying to do things for people who hardly even say thank you.


And to disconnect too from Facebook which has started reminding me of the Dick and Jane books that we who grew up in the 50s, learned to read from. The stories in these books went like this: “Jane likes Spot [their dog].” “Dick likes Jane.” “Jane sees Dick.” etc.  Sometimes lately when I’m looking at Facebook, I have had an unpleasant flashback to Dick and Jane. [My apologies to all lovers of’s just what I see]

“I’m a people pleaser” is the routine self-description of ADD adults. “I’m always so conscious of what the other person might need from me. I feel guilty if I disappoint someone. I can never say no.” Or, “I am the kind of person whom everyone calls to tell their troubles to. I can’t do that myself, though. I would feel guilty, thinking of all the people in the world who have suffered much more than I can even imagine. I shouldn’t need help.”

~ Dr.Gabor Maté from Scattered:How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates and What you Can Do About It

Someone told me a few months ago that I have a somewhat codependent personality and I think that’s true. Trying to be a ‘good’ person and do the ‘right thing’ for so many years now, I have very nearly destroyed myself and I understood last night that I cannot go on like this, not if I want to continue to live.

There are several teachers from whom I have learned a tremendous amount especially recently and last night I realized that they have all been saying much the same thing, just each from their own perspective: These teachers are the spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle; the psychiatrist, Dr. Gabor Maté; the so called conspiracy theorist, David Icke and also the Anishnabe Elder I have made 2 films with, Dave Courchene.

A few days ago I watched a talk given by Dr. Gabor Mate titled “CARE FOR THE CAREGIVER:WHEN THE BODY SAYS NO”gabor_mate I will post the video below but one of his primary messages is that if you can’t say no, you will most certainly get sick and also if you are not living the life YOU want to live but rather living for someone else, the same applies. Throughout my life, I have had a lot of trouble saying no and I have made a lot of sacrifices but I can see clearly now that many of them were not for the right reasons.

“When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the real you, or what you have been conditioned to believe is you? The two are so, so different. One is an infinite consciousness capable of being and creating whatever it chooses, the other is an illusion imprisoned by its own perceived and programmed limitations.”
~David Icke

david-icke-02Then yesterday I watched a recent David Icke video called “PERCEPTION DECEPTION” which is about FREEDOM, real freedom, going beyond the brainwashing that is a huge part of this world we live in.*I know that a lot of people won’t like what I have said about Facebook and will feel very uncomfortable with this David Icke video. They may feel that “I’d rather not look at that, I’d rather be part of the status quo.” But for me I can’ part of the status quo. My dad used to say to me “I wouldn’t rock the boat if I were you.” He never rocked the boat, he never lived his own life and he paid heavily for that. He could not say NO.

I have been told too, that I have, for 28 years now been on what Joseph Campbell calls “The Heroes Journey”. This journey has come to an end, all the work I did with hospice,with AIDS, with death and was for a reason but it’s over now.  The many films we made will live on but my work is finished.

And so  I’m not sure what’s next. A few weeks ago, Dave Courchene spoke these words in a talk he gave to a group of Anishnabe chiefs and elders in Manitobadave_speaking

“Prepare for the hard times that are coming. Don’t waste time in trying to fight a system that will not change. Rebuild yourself, your families and your nation [the Indian nation he means not this one], with your way of life the Creator has given you.

Stop thinking negatively and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Depend on the land again, for all that you will need to survive. Prepare for the times when people will come looking for help. Prepare to receive the land with your leadership as the true stewards of the land.”

~Elder, Dave Courchene, Anishnabe Nation, Eagle Clan

I have also heard David Icke and others talk about the way this world was meant to be: Heaven on Earth, a Paradise where the beauty of Nature and its creatures are cherished and celebrated.  A place where people care for each other,where the Elders are respected, where there is no violence, where everyone lives in peace.

So here on my place, off the grid in the pine forests of northeastern New Mexico, I think that this is what I want to do: to create a small paradise… which in many ways, it already is……

My dream and the 2 video clips are posted below these photos.hobbiton wreathhobbiton gates oct 13arroyo-forestsunrise pondsunrise-sept-1-16


dill-2waterlilly lotus 2.jpg

peaches and hydrangeas 2

more tomatos on steps

dakota visits pigletsPHANTOM AND POOHmaggie:morning light 8:16.jpg

shiloh-10-weeksjodypeaceshisakinashisakina-enjoying-the-morningrb:redman hug.jpgchloe:redman happy


So is this blog coming to end too? I don’t know but when I finally fell asleep about 4:30 am, I had a dream that I was at some sort of party and two people gave me little flowered suitcases. This morning I looked up the meaning of suitcases in dreams and here’s what I found “dreaming of the suitcase may be about your need for freedom, or that you have to leave behind some of the material inside your suitcase.”

Right On!

PS. As long as I’m saying what I really feel, here’s one more thing: In the past few months, I’ve asked for help, I put up a GOFUNDME page which if you’ve read it, you’ll understand why. The people who contributed with very few exceptions are the people with the least amount of money. A whole lot, almost all of my stress for months now has been financial, [it’s all explained on the gofundme page] and it has pushed me far, far beyond the limits of what most people can take.

There are so many people who could so easily have helped, who could have made a big difference..they are people who have come to screenings and events that RITES OF PASSAGE has put on. They are people who I’ve given to freely over the years. They are the takers in this world. They are able to conveniently develop amnesia when asked for help [unless it’s a donation to a charity ball], they would never give a homeless person a dime because they are above that [that never happens to people like them]

When you’re young, you think you have all the time but when you get older, you see the transition called death coming closer and closer. This is the time of accounting when all words and deeds are balanced.

One of my favorite movies on this subject is SAVED BY THE LIGHT about near death survivor, Dannion Brinkley. After his near death experience, Dannion was able to see life and death very clearly–what’s important, what’s not and he also developed some psychic abilities.

At one point in the film, there’s a scene which takes place in a Las Vegas casino. A man comes up to Dannion because he wants information so he can cheat and win at cards. Dannion says “You know you’ll have to account for that when you die” and the man replies “Oh I don’t care about that. I want to win now.”

So if it seems like I’m angry, yes I’m angry [healthy anger though–watch “When the Body Says No” below] and that’s why as I said above, I am through, finished and done putting a huge amount of effort into doing things for the takers in this world, for those who cannot say thank you, for those who only recognize you when you’re in with the in crowd….and I know ALL about the in crowd–I was raised with them.


7 Sacred Teachings at POOH’S STORE

DAVE LEADS CREMONYOur belief system has evolved over thousands of years, now to be shared with the rest of the world. In a most humble way, in a most loving way, in a most respectful way, in a most honest way, we have come to share these teachings with the world because in our hearts we believe that if we do not share this then we stand to lose all that has been created for us.
Elder Dave Courchene, Anishnabe Nation, Eagle Clan

In 2004, I went to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was supposed to meet with a woman there to talk about ideas for a film I was working on but I was not sure about making the trip.

Back then I still used a travel agent and this travel agent was not at all encouraging. “Have you ever been to Winnipeg?” she asked. “You won’t like it-it’s completely flat. The only thing of interest there is the statue of Winnie the Pooh at the Winnipeg Zoo.”pooh-statue


I always look for signs about which path to take and Winnie the Pooh was my sign. As a child, my most beloved stuffed animal was Winnie the Pooh and then my grandchildren have always called me Pooh.

So my travel agent made the arrangements and I went.

The first few days were awful. The weather was cold and rainy, the hotel was ugly and depressing and the woman I had gone to meet with was not very helpful. It seemed my intuition had really let me down and I felt completely discouraged and miserable, trapped in a depressing hotel.

Then about the third day, the woman I was meeting with said “Today we’re having lunch with Dave Courchene.” She said this in the same way one might say “Today we’re having lunch with the Queen.”


Elder Dave Courchene, Anishnabe Nation, Eagle Clan

And so I met Dave Courchene, an Elder from the Anishnabe Nation and immediately, I understood why I had made the trip.

I spent the next few days with Dave. He took me to see his lodge, called the Turtle Lodge, now an international healing centerturtlelodgepic copyred shadow:turtle lodge

and we talked about the documentary my son and I were making which came to be called Starblanket a Spirit Journey. Dave wanted to make a film about his vision and he wanted to find more ways to share the 7 Sacred Teachings he had received.


You can hear Dave explain these teachings in this short video:

Dave had once talked about wanting to put the 7 Teachings on billboards and buses which I thought was a great idea but the cost was far too great. Over the next few years however, as we made 2 films with Dave: THE 8TH FIRE and MANITOU API~Where the Sun Rises, we created t-shirts and hoodies, pillows, prayer flags, bracelets and posters featuring the 7 Teachings and the message of The 8th Fire which is One Earth~One Whole Circle Againeagle-hoodiecabinbrightturtle-hoodie-backcabin3 7 ts pillowt-shirt-kids-sitting-copyralph-danny-truth-wisdombracelets-copyThis I thought, in addition to the films, would offer another way to bring the teachings to a wider group of people, a different group than Dave was reaching in Canada.

I have shown THE 8TH FIRE and MANITOU API  to large audiences and the response has been truly amazing, probably because the messages they bring forth are so needed in these times: A vision of hope and beauty for a dark and hopeless world.

I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.

~Crazy Horse

Here are a few responses to a screening of MANITOU API ~Where the Sun Rises

 Dear Andy and Cindy,
 I really don’t have words to express how deeply I was touched and inspired by the timely and important message of the film.  The film, with the seven teachings, is an essential message to all mankind.  I trust it will find circulation all over the planet.  The time is now.  Thank you.

Michael A Knight
Executive Director
The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico


“Manitou API – Where the Sun Rises is by far the best Native American film I have ever
seen.  A MUST see

Diego Mulligan, KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio  Host of “The Journey Home”


“I was basically speechless when I left the theater but filled with a profound sense of a clear path for a positive future for humanity and all of life.”


The film was awesome! Your work is incredible as it carries a message of hope.
 Again, last night rocked and am grateful to have see the film.

Lawrence A. Medina, MBA
Executive Director
Rio Grande ATP, Inc.
Embudo, New Mexico 87531

Below are the trailers for The 8TH FIRE and MANITOU API~Where the Sun Rises.

Most of the products above  are available at POOH’S STORE. The 8TH FIRE and MANTOU API~Where the Sun Rises can be purchased here

*A few months ago, I started a Gofundme campaign for ME. I had never done anything like this, never tried to raise money for myself but always for others. “How embarrassing” some will say, not having been there themselves, it’s so easy to judge! It was something I had to do however and if you read the stories and watch the film clips, you’ll understand why….so if you appreciate this blog or just want to make a contribution or are interested in reading about the work I’ve done for the past 28 years [AIDS, Hospice, Aging, Loss and Grief, collaborating with First Nations/Native Americans etc.]

The times they are a -changin’, the rescuers of the wolfdogs & Bob Marley..they’re all connected

sunrise sept 1 '16Your old road is rapidly agein’
Please get out of the new one
If you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin

~Bob Dylan

“One love, one heart

Let’s get together and feel all right

As it was in the beginning (one love]

So shall it be in the end (one heart)..”

~Bob Marley

“The time will come when people will either make their choices out of love or out of fear. There will be no middle ground. For those who make their choices out of love, things will get much easier, for those who choose fear, much more difficult”

~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross MD [paraphrased from something Elisabeth said to me]

“Prepare for the hard times that are coming. Don’t waste time in trying to fight a system that will not change. Rebuild yourself, your families and your nation, with your way of life the Creator has given you.

Stop thinking negatively and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Depend on the land again, for all that you will need to survive. Prepare for the times when people will come looking for help. Prepare to receive the land with your leadership as the true stewards of the land.”

~Elder Dave Courchene, Anishnabe Nation, Eagle Clan ~ from a presentation at Treaties 1-11 Gathering   Brandon,Manitoba – August 30, 2016

  from a talk given on August 30, 2016

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth….”

~King James Bible

aspens greenRecently, just as you can now feel the seasons change as Summer ends and the Fall comes in…aspens long view 10:12..I can feel things,  Life on Earth changing.

The old world is collapsing. It’s old and dirty and dying…

8th fire stills_pollution
A way of life, a whole way of being is dissolving: the end of huge banks, corporations, mcmansions. You can feel that people are tired of being brainwashed, of being the slaves to those in power.. and many are turning toward simplicity in the form of solar energy, organic gardens…….GREENHOUSE GOOD FRIDAY tiny houses…..millertinyhous….moving toward FREEDOM.
A new way is coming in, it’s on the horizon and much of this new way is coming through the teachings, courage and wisdom of the First Nations People

The Prophecy of the 8th Fire

They will come to a fork in the road. One road will lead to Materialism and Destruction…..for almost all living creatures….The other road will lead to a Spiritual Way upon which the Native People will be standing…This path will lead to the lighting of the 8th fire, a period of eternal peace, harmony and a “New Earth” where the destruction of the past will be healed

~Anishnabe prophecy


Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba  photo credit: Nancy Bleck

In my own personal life, I’ve made some observations lately. As I’ve experienced some very difficult times, quite a few friends have disappeared and as I traveled this road, I found out too, that the family I grew up with, is not my family at all. But at the same time, a lot of new people have come into my life and I’ve come to see that there are some AMAZING AND WONDERFUL PEOPLE in this world, people I never would have known about if I hadn’t gone through this dark night of the soul.

So this is a story about a group of people I’ve connected with recently who for me, represent the qualities that are needed for living in the new world coming in: faith, trust, intuition, courage, humility, appreciation, absolute honesty, generosity and caring for nature and its creatures. They are the rescuers of the wolves and the wolfdogs.
shiloh loves dakota

Dakota and Shiloh

A few months ago my older wolfdog, Dakota died of old age and left behind Shiloh who is a year and a half. Because wolves and wolfdogs are pack animals, very family oriented, I didn’t want to leave Shiloh without a companion for long. So I went on a quest.

 At first I thought I would get a dog, probably a German Shepherd mix or maybe a Husky mix from a local shelter. I had rescued Dakota 11 years ago from a shelter in Texas and I had simply signed a paper promising to spay her, paid a fee of $25 and that was it.


DAKOTA, a low content wolfdog, when I first rescued her

But adopting a dog in this day and time is nearly impossible. You have to do a ‘meet and greet’ [I hate that phrase], you have to explain how many hours you will be away from home during the day, how you will train your dog, how many hours the dog will spend in the house, how many of your animals have died in the last 7 years, who else lives in your home etc. etc.* and on top of all that, some of the adoption fees are pretty high.
So not being able to drive 2 hours to bring Shiloh for a ‘meet and greet’ which no self respecting wolf or wolfdog or human for that matter would agree to, I got more and more discouraged. [*I appreciate the concern for the animals but there are a lot of them sitting in these shelters who could have good homes if there weren’t so many rules.]
 Every time I looked out at Shiloh alone in his pen I felt sad and somehow guilty.shiloh-tipi-snow copy
 Then I found Wanagi, a wolf rescue sanctuary not too far from me. When I contacted the director, Stephanie Kaylan, things immediately began to change…FAST. Stephanie is part of a national wolf/wolfdog rescue effort and she put me in touch with Susan Weidel at W.O.L.F.Sanctuary in Colorado.
So every time a wolfdog needed to be rescued [which was quite often], I got an email from Susan and Stephanie. There were several animals that seemed like they would be good companions for Shiloh but one after another fell through for various reasons.
Then came Sakina who had been surrendered by her family, taken to the vet with a request to euthanize her. This was heartbreaking to the vet tech and she began reaching out, intent on finding a home for Sakina. Through Susan at W.O.L.F, a home was found in New Mexico but as it turned out, her adopted family couldn’t keep her and so Sakina came here to be Shiloh’s companion.

Shiloh and Sakina

*This is a VERY BEAUTIFUL short video of Sakina’s Journey. It was made by the H2M2 transport organization, a group of volunteers who transport rescued dogs to their ‘forever’ homes. They specialize in the northern breeds and are in most states throughout the US.

 Next came Apollo from Virginia.

Apollo and several other members of his wolfdog family were in a shelter and their time was very limited. Most wolfdogs are immediately euthanized for no other reason than they are some percentage of wolf.farley mowat Just like a t-shirt I once saw which said “LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD LIED.”

Apollo was brought here by Karen Yeager/Auntie Grandma’s Crazy Wolf Adventures from Prescott, Arizona. Karen VOLUNTEERED to make a 5000 mile round trip drive to to the shelter in Virginia so Apollo could live.  ……Who in this materialistic, what’s- in -it -for- me world does things like this??!!






A week ago, I sent a film clip of  Sakina’s Journey to my 16 year old grandsonrb working and he wrote back:

” i cant wait to see her

ive been listening to a ton of bob marley ever since school started. i dont think the two things are connected, but it definitely chills me out :)” Sent from my iPhone
But I thought, in some way they are connected, at least for me they are : the wolves and wolfdogs and their rescuers, Bob Marley and the changing times.
These times we will be living in will be about the return to the land and caring for nature and its creatures, about coming together as ONE.
One of Bob Marley’s best known songs is ONE LOVE:
“One love, one heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (one love)
So shall it be in the end (one heart)..”
The wolfdog/wolf rescue people have helped restore my faith and trust in humans which has been at an all time low. They have shown me that seemingly insurmountable challenges can be overcome and great things are possible when people work together for the common good.
Twice in the past 2 weeks, Stephanie Kaylan stephanie has shared  with us, huge freezerfulls of elk meat, deer meat, chicken, fish, dog treats, huge bags of dog food vitamins etc that have been donated to Wanagi. She drove miles out of her way to bring Sakina home and to deliver food.
Karenkaren after making her incredible, leap of faith journey with Apollo, took beautiful photographs of Apollo, Sakina and Shiloh and has offered to make postcards for me. And Susan, who made this all happen,  “I won’t give up until we find your boy the right companion”SONY DSChas kept in close touch with me, appreciating all the photos and stories I have shared, wanting to know how everything is working. An amazing and comforting support system.
As well, John Smith and his daughter Jenn, who fostered Apollo, and Frank Gonzalez who organized Sakina’s transport from Texas…have kept in touch.


I have posted 3 film/films clips below:

Bob Marley’s ONE LOVE music video
Living with Wolves, a documentary about a couple who lived with a wolf pack
and a trailer of our documentary, THE 8TH FIRE, a  First Nations vision
*A few months ago, I started a Gofundme campaign for ME. I had never done anything like this, never tried to raise money for myself but always for others. “How embarrassing” some will say, not having been there themselves, it’s so easy to judge! It was something I had to do however and if you read the stories and watch the film clips, you’ll understand why….so if you appreciate this blog or just want to make a contribution or are interested in reading about the work I’ve done for the past 28 years [AIDS, Hospice, Aging, Loss and Grief, collaborating with First Nations/Native Americans etc.]
PS For everyone who has helped me in these difficult times, I appreciate all of you SO MUCH!