DIY: The Wolf Food Freezer, Pooh’s Chair and Other Things

I love taking old things, things that somebody else might consider junk..and making them into something unique and beautiful.

About a month ago, we rescued two wolfdogs to be companions for Shiloh, our young wolfdog who had lost his companion to old age. wolfdog-eve-all-3When we rescued the two, Sakina and Apollo, a very generous friend donated a huge amount of frozen meat-elk, venison, chicken etc.

I had  inherited an old freezer  when I bought this house so we moved it inside to hold all the meat but in the living room/kitchen area, it looked ugly, very ugly and out of place–it needed color….badly!


this is not the actual freezer but this is how it looked

So first we painted it turquoise  jody-paints-shilohfreezerand then began adding wolf images…wolf prints:freezer.jpg


ravens and pine

When we finished, it looked like

No longer an eyesore, it fit  into the living room/kitchen area more like a piece of art..


A few years ago, I bought an old chair at a resale shop. It had come from an historic hotel, long since closed down. It was stained dark brown and kind of ornamental but I thought it would look better painted so I started painting…


I like using I found this quote from Winnie the Pooh and it became part of the chair.

“How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet
“You don’t spell it…you feel it.” – Pooh”

It’s not the most comfortable chair, more a piece of art but people always comment on itpoohhippie-chair

We’ve transformed other things too like the bottom part of a large pine tree that had to be chopped down. Rather than cut it up for fire wood, we turned it upside down and used it as an entrance, an arch..jodypetearch

then we painted it, added a gate and lanterns and now it looks like thisthose who wander archThe lettering on it which is not finished says

“Not all those who wander are lost.”~J R.R. Tolkien

 When I was in Texas, I bought a very small vintage trailer which I lived in.

When I bought it, it looked like this…plain inside and out..spirit-trailer-before

Over the years it has evolved….spirit-journey-trailer


til it looks like thistrailerblue-deck

we’re still working on the insidejody-painting-turquise-trailer

I painted clouds on the ceiling..


and I ordered a tiny wood stove called The Hobbit which is perfect for tiny spacesPAINTING THE HOBBIT

hobbit painted

Maybe it will be next spring before the trailer is completely finished because there is always one more thing to create ..time passes so fast boredom, just not enough time

Even if I had lots of money to buy furniture and stuff, I would rather take the old and discarded things and turn them into something beautiful………..much more rewarding!

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