All Creatures Great and Small

*I write these blog posts from my heart..about my work with the First Nations People, about my teachers such as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, about my time spent with terminally ill patients, about life off the grid in northern New Mexico. Though in some ways, I write for myself, I try always to share information and experiences that may be helpful to others, that are universal.

If you would like to contribute to to the continuation of these posts, there are 3 ways: the donate button on the side of this post, my gofund me page or poohsstore where we offer sacred and visionary art for these times of transition and transcendence

osaselena“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

― Francis of Assisi

shiloh loves dakota

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”
James Herriot/All Creatures Great and Small


apollomagical-mystery-tour“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way.”
― Francis of Assisi

shisakina-enjoying-the-morningI think this is going to be a short post…it’s mainly a wish or actually a plea for contributions to help us feed our animal family.

With 2 exceptions all of our animals are rescues…. puck-leg-upredmanOur horse, Redman we rescued from Texas 3 summers ago when due to extreme drought, there was no grass or haywolfdog-eve-all-32 wolfdogs, Sakina and Apollo we rescued from death row where they were set to be killed  because they had some percentage of wolf and maggiemorning-light-8162 cats, Maggie & Phantomphantom stare as well as 2 kittens, Osa & Selenaselenaosa-2 were rescued from shelters or from owners unable to keep them.

This beautiful video below is the story of our wolfdog,Sakina ..twice rejected, we rescued her this past August. I think this little film portrays on the deepest level..the meaning and the feeling of rescue.

This past year I have learned a lot about generosity and its opposite: Those who give even when they have nothing and those who take even when they have everything.

I have rescued animals and people for quite a while now and for most of that time, I haven’t needed to ask for help… but life changed as it often does.

I have heard the spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle refer to our life/life experience as if it were a tapestry. Woven together in our tapestry are things like our health, our family and friends, relationships, finances etc –   our tapestry seems complete and whole, everything seems to be working and we can relax. Then quite suddenly something happens, something is ripped away leaving a large hole: terminal illness, sudden death of a friend or family member, ending of a relationship, loss of a job… As Eckhart says  “If you’re not being challenged by life right now, just wait a little. It’ll come.”

My story is here  if you are able to contribute and even if you’re not, it’s a good story I think.

I am most concerned about the 2 horses right now.horsessnow-oct-13 Winter is coming and they will need a lot of  hay. An amazing woman who has a wolf rescue center outside of Albuquerque shares freezer-fulls of meat with usdiy-freezer-whole that is donated to her rescue center… so the wolfdogs are pretty well provided for.

*As I try to pay off a lot of debt, I am living on about $600 a month now…it’s very difficult –try it sometime…it’s an experience not to be forgotten  and it’s all explained HERE

For everyone who contributes, there is something in return. I never take without giving back in some way. SEE BELOW. And when you contribute, just indicate under ‘comments’ which of these gifts you want, the size if applicable and your name and address..there is no charge for shipping.

I have also posted below a very short Pay it Forward film . I know that are many people  are depressed, angry and sad following the US election and one way out of this, I what Alice Walker wrote in a recent essay: ” We can awaken completely.The best sign of which will be how we treat every being who crosses our path. For real change is personal.”

For everyone who has contributed, who has encouraged me this past year who has not abandoned me, in the most difficult year I have yet experienced…I thank you with all my heart. Someday you will understand how much your support meant.


For a contribution of $200.00, this St Francis Altar~Custom made, hand-painted, Artist: Jody Armijo- only one available..more altars coming soon..each is unique, one of a kindst-f-altar-evening

For $30-$50 contribution:

A Jonathan Warm Day Coming designed t-shirt [authentic Native American design] sizes large and xl availableland-tshirtwall



or a Jonathan Warm Day Poster signed by the artist-painting by Taos Pueblo Artist, Jonathan Warm Day 11x17vert

For $55-$100


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