Last night I was sitting in my fake fur covered rocking chair next to the fire that I had just made in the wood stove. It’s my favorite thing  to do on winter nights-sometimes I read and sometimes I just watch the fire and I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have a wood stove. The fire is so comforting.

beautiful woodstove:ht

Last night I was reading The Corpse on the Dyke, a detective novel by the Dutch author, Janwillem Van de Wetering.

corpse_dyke I love his books because he combines his personal experience as a Zen Monk with his later- in- life experience as a police officer on the Amsterdam Police Force. And despite the titles-The Japanese Corpse, Death of a Hawker etc, his books are not violent but entertaining and filled with both humor and wisdom.

Anyway, as I was reading, I came across this quote:

“Nobody carries firearms in Holland. To carry a firearm is a crime. Even an unloaded gun in a man’s pocket draws a heavy fine and a stretch in jail. Nobody gets a license to carry arms. For sport, yes but only to take the gun, suitably wrapped up, directly from one’s house to the shooting club and straight back again. And even a sporting license is hard to be obtained and the police want references.”

So I was thinking about the whole obsession with guns in this country [the US] and I remembered an experience I had several years ago when I went to Manitoba to work on our documentary, Manitou Api~Where the Sun Rises.manitou cover

Manitou Api~Where the Sun Rises is about several things but its primary focus is in bringing to light The 7 Sacred Teachings of the Anishnabe People. These Teachings are: Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Honesty and Truth  and each is represented by an animal.

We had been able to film actual footage or find stock footage for all of the animals except Bigfoot who represents Honesty. So I had no choice but to rent a Bigfoot costume which I did- a very authentic looking [and very expensive] costume from a company in California.bigfoot-putting-him-on

It was quite a challenge–bringing the costume through Canadian Customs and then finding someone tall enough to wear it–the person who would wear it had to be close to seven feet tall but we found someone -a bouncer at a ‘gentleman’s club’and when he put the costume on, he was Bigfoot.close-up sasquatch

Our cameraman wanted to film Bigfoot walking through a very wooded section of a park but I was afraid for him.bigfoot-green I was afraid someone would shoot him and told our cameraman so.bob-bigfoot-color copyI remember he looked at me like I was crazy. “Cindy” he said “We don’t do that here.”

But we do that HERE!

A few days ago, I saw this comment:

“Trump will give everyone a gun.”

WHY??? Why does everyone have to have a gun? For what? I don’t want one.

And I grew up with guns..we had a big closet in our house where several guns were kept. My dad and my stepbrothers hunted and that’s what the guns were for. Most everyone we knew-the men and a few women-hunted and I never thought much about it. We ate what they killed-usually dove and venison sausage. I didn’t care much for hunting because of my love for animals, still at the time it seemed acceptable.

But it isn’t like that now…guns are mainly for killing People and they are connected with HATE-hate, fear, racism, ugliness.

And it turns out that many, probably most of the gun rights advocates are Christian as are those in the government who can hardly wait to start another war….  how do they justify all of this, how do they fit this together with the Christian teachings ?…I mean “Explain it to me like I’m a 2 year old.” [one of my favorite lines from the movie Philadelphia.]

Because I don’t get it!

Really what would Jesus say and do..and all the others who came to this Earth to teach and bring peace, kindness, tolerance and compassion?  I don’t know…I’m not a Christian …[or a Liberal or a Conservative or a Pacifist or a Feminist or any of that– I refuse to be put into a category]  but I do know that this is hypocrisy in the extreme, much worse really and I know that there are universal laws that we’re all meant to live by….and they don’t involve or include promoting hate, racism, war, violence etc

There is another way to live.*The 7 Sacred Teachings below…. point to this way

Below are a couple of video clips: an SNL skit on gun control,  2 clips on the 7 SACRED TEACHINGS and a clip from the movie Harry and the Hendersons [about Bigfoot-another teacher of peace]


    • thank you susan..i’ve had a lot of people reading it and from several different countries including greece, russia, ireland, malaysia etc..i never know who the people are unless they comment but the truth is the truth..cannot be denied


      • Your film work speaks for itself and you, Cindy, are a beautiful person, inside and out. I am honored to call you my friend. You’ve made very strong point in this post and it’s going to be interesting to see how the next decade or so unfolds.


  1. thanks connie…you’re so sweet to comment..i read an fb post from an artist friend in taos..i think she said she was turning to her art and to nature now for inspiration and hope..i feel the same BUENO!!!


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