Hearts and Roses/DARK TO LIGHT



I put my heart next to my bed to remind me of the love GOD has for all of us.”

~Connie, Houston,Texas

The heart is hanging over the top of the urn with Milagro’s ashes. It’s placed on my altar…..I want to take my time when & where his ashes will be buried. I usually buy a solar powered garden angel  & I will hang the heart from the angel & Milagro’s ashes will be buried below.

~Stephanie/Wanagi Wolf Rescue Albuquerque, NM

“Art is a reflection of humanity, and humanity’s greatest virtue is its ability to overcome adversity.” ~Christopher Zara

Whenever I’ve bought art in the past, if possible, I like to know where the art came from: who the artist was and what caused  him or her to create the art. It makes it so much more meaningful to me and then if someone is in my home, looking at an art piece, I can pass on the story of how and why it came to be. The stories are as important as the art.

As an example: I have a Native American friend in Taos who had some very serious alcohol problems when he was young. He tried several times to get into a Detox facility but never could. “One day” he said, “I closed the door to my house and started painting.. and the need to drink left.” Forty years later he’s still painting and not drinking.


When the Moon Came Out  Jonathan Warm Day Coming

I have several of Jonathan’s paintings and when I tell his story, it inspires others and maybe they pass it on to a friend or family member. Maybe someone else finds an end to drugs or drinking through art.

I have another friend, a legendary painter who spent 11 years of his childhood in a hospital for children with bone diseases. It was there that he learned to draw and paint and there that he learned compassion. His painting was born out of that painful, lonely and difficult time.

apricot_david leffel

Apricot and Dragonfly  David Leffel

Those years in the hospital also left him with a desire to help and into his 80s, he has taught painting to lifers in San Quentin Prison…

David_SanQuentin GROUP3 2

Legendary painter , David Leffel teaching painting to inmates at San Quentin Prison

gold barb wire:prisonJody Armijo  [the Brown Piglet in this blog] spent several years of his younger life in prison or jail.JODY-close-pastI’ve written his story in previous posts so I won’t write anymore here except to say that is where his art began…in prison.

handkerchief pen:ink:closer #6

Rose Handkerchief   Jody Armijo

I  never know who is reading this blog unless someone posts a comment or becomes a follower. Lately a lot more people have been reading the posts though I don’t know why. It’s a strange feeling writing a blog…it’s as if the words you write just go out into space and is anyone catching them? You don’t know.

*What I’m asking in this particular post is to Please share it, in particular Please Share our online Etsy store, LA CASA DE ROSAS. This is the place where you can buy the unique and  beautiful personal altars that Jody makes as well as his hearts and crosses.


Coral Cross/Red Rose  Jody Armujo

We, Jody and I, live a very simple off the grid lifestyle in the mountains of northeastern New Mexico. Norte_mountainsWe have rescued several animals: horses, wolf dogs and cats. We have learned to use barter a lot- for hay, for meat for the wolfdogs. The sun provides electricity, the forest which must be thinned, wood for heat.

Our special contribution in this life time comes through our art: Jody’s altars, hearts and crosses and my documentary films. Whatever we create, is created with a lot of love and care and whatever we create we hope, will carry this love as well as inspiration and sometimes even transformation, to those who purchase it.

Thank you then for passing this on and thereby helping us continue our life’s work and our way of life. jody:redman:tipipuck-leg-upredmansakina-leads-packphantom stareselenaosa-2                                                      WE ARE ALL APPRECIATIVE!!!

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