Honesty: What is it and Where?

bigfoot w: rose '17HONESTY ~ SA-BE (BIGFOOT)
Our great Creator chose the Sa-be (Bigfoot) to represent the spirit of honesty… it is a very hard thing to do to, be honest, so maybe that is why the spirit of Sa-be (Bigfoot) is so elusive. We see it and it’s gone because we have a hard time being honest.

The elders say the best way you could show honesty or honor the spirit of the Sa-be (Bigfoot), is to speak from your heart and listen to your spirit that has given you the inspiration of the words you are to speak. When you are honest with yourself, you are true to the words that you speak

~Anishnabe Elder Dave Courchene

It’s pretty obvious that HONESTY is missing in this world today. Dishonesty, corruption, insanity, violence, me first..that’s the world we live in.

blue tipiBut there is another way to live and another world and it in can be found in the First Nations/Native American Teachings: the Seven Sacred Teachings which are explained in the clip below. I have visited that world a few times and I know that if we lived by these teachings, this Earth would be a paradise.IGNITE:STANDING AROUND FIREigniting-the camp

Several years ago my son and his family were given their spiritual names by Anishnabe Elder, Dave Courchene. I was given my name also. Each of the names represent one of the Seven Sacred Teachings. My grandchildren were little when they got their names and they were excited but now as teenagers, their names are far more meaningful to them because they are an ever present reminder of their spiritual path.

bigfoot:drum:'17 2A few years ago we did a series of woodcarvings honoring the 7 Sacred Teachingsbuffalo carving drumbev's bear table

Only Bigfoot is left out this series. He is available at LA CASA DE ROSAS

bigfoot w: rose '17

as a reminder of HONESTY..of what the world needs now…. LA CASA DE ROSAS

bigfoot kids hug

2 thoughts on “Honesty: What is it and Where?

  1. Oh thank you for saying all this! How I too need to be reminded! One of my cousins, Donna visited last week and wants to buy some hoodies from you. I sent her to your website. Let me know if she contacts you. Happy ALMOST Bunnneeee DAy! Love, Ralph (The Fanged Beast)


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