Turning Life into Art…Sad into Happy… [in which Pooh falls in a hole and is rescued by Piglet] *A very short post

ART, undeniably, is conducive to HAPPINESS

pooh rescue 1

One night about a month ago, I went to talk to jody:chuckle:prison filmJody [the Brown Piglet in this blog] for a minute.hobbit privateWe have 2 small houses on this property…..I live in the smallest one andbeautiful-pink-livingroom Jody lives in the other. Both of us needing space, different habits-he likes to watch movies and I don’t, he likes noise, I need silence etc..so this is how we live.

So anyway, I walked over to the big house, talked to Jody for a minute and then stepped out on the deck to walk back to my little house. But it was dark and I couldn’t see and when I stepped onto the deck, I stepped on a rotten board and my left leg went all the way through and my right leg got twisted backwards.  Jody was right behind me and he pulled me out…railingwintermajicthe deck is pretty high off the ground so I don’t know how I would have gotten out otherwise.

I didn’t break anything but my legs were scraped up and they REALLY hurt. And I just felt sad. I felt like putting on my pajamas with the feet in them and going into hiding.  Using CBD oil–medical cannabis, I had just gotten rid of all of the extreme pain I had been having in my legs and now I was back where I started.

For a few days, Jody felt really bad –he knew that he should have replaced the rotten board before anything happened, and I felt a little sorry for myself. And then we both thought there was a funny. side to it.

me stage:taosFor years Jody has called me Pooh because that’s what my grandchildren call me and he became Piglet one day when he said: “If you’re Pooh, then I’m Piglet.” and I said “You’re kind of brown for a piglet.” And he said “I’m one of them brown piglets.” And so we became Pooh and the Brown Piglet.

When I was very little, my mother used to read Winnie the Pooh to me and pooh_rabbitthe story of Pooh getting trapped in Rabbit’s entrance because he had eaten too much honey, was one of my favorites….and that’s what my accident reminded me of.

Jody replaced the rotten board immediately but then I thought we needed to add something to it.

in which ..jody:sylvester

I thought we should add “In which Pooh falls in a hole and is rescued by Piglet”pooh falls 3pooh rescue 1

And we did and that’s how we turned something that was a little sad at first.. into something funny that we could laugh about and a better way of remembering….


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