Your heart is the light of this world. Don’t cover it with your mind.


I thought I would continue to write these blog posts indefinitely…..combining them with the photos I take and video clips I find. I have liked writing them–they have helped me put some things in perspective but now it seems I have nothing more to say.

I cannot be part of this world which is dying and so I have turned away from it in many ways: from Facebook, from the internet and email for the most part, from many people except for a few friends and family. For the past 2 years I haven’t had a cell phone and I haven’t missed it at all.

yoda:tComfort comes for me in this place where I live surrounded by nature–animals, plants…untouched and quiet. I understand that change does not come from without, only from within and that’s where I’m putting all my energy.

Recently I have been listening to the Jamaican spiritual teacher, Mooji. I begin and end each day listening and this has helped me a lot… refocus again and again, over and over.

Maybe a time will come when I feel like going back to writing though it doesn’t seem so in this moment.

In the meantime, an interview with Mooji on Global Change.

May the Force be with You

6 thoughts on “GOODBYE FOR NOW

  1. I understand Cindy. I have to keep myself busy trying to put good things out into the universe, although at times it is a struggle. With the horrific Situation at the border, I am having horrid thoughts of what I wish would happen to trump and his minions. That of course doesn’t help anything. We have the girls and grandkids here for three weeks. It’s already uplifting.

    Sending you much love, La Mexicana

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    • thanks for seems a lot of people are feeling the same…someday we’ll drink some wine together and really talk..that would be so great..something i’ve heard over and over from near death survivors is that we experience all that we’ve done–good and bad but not just from our perspective but we will feel the feelings of everyone we’ve helped or hurt..everything will be balanced and accounted for and those who are causing so much pain–there will be no escape nowhere to run, no where to hide i’m so glad your family is there..i’m be in the meantime BUENO!!!!


  2. cindy, I miss you so much. You are a blessing in my life. I realize my family, my son, my art, my friends, garden and, of course, my cats are my life’s reward.
    I hope you are well. Love and a big hug from me. No plans to come out this year. Take care of your beautiful self. Love, Lou


    • thank you lou…please keep in touch…i’ve been working really hard on this place and it looks so beautiful! the brightest colors…wish you were here..i know art is life, the animals should rule and the gardens bring so much peace and beauty..much love to you!


  3. Cindy, I certainly understand with all that is going on right now, it is sometimes overwhelming to SEE hope for the future. what I DO know and believe is that we have a future that we build on and the way we look at the world and its people, defines our world. It can be very tiring to feel as if one is “swimming upstream, against the current of this world” but it is possible with faith… that faith comes in many ways, names, and ideas, but holding on to the faith that good WILL FINALLY PREVAIL keeps me going.
    We will be heading towards NM around the middle to end of August, so I am hoping that we can see each other. Please stay in touch so that I know how to reach you!


    • hi kathy..i just sent you a message on fb you can still get in touch with me that way and through my email and i am so looking forward to seeing you..bueno from the sovereign nation of los hueros new mexico!!!!!


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