EQUADOR ROSE 2Several months ago, I had a dream about a beautiful store and I wrote this about it:

“A few nights ago I had a dream about a beautiful, magical, mystical store. I was walking on a sort of runway below it, looking up at this store and it seemed to be shimmering. I could see so many beautiful things in the window, just the kind of things I like and I wanted to get in but the store seemed to be closed. And then it opened and people were going in and I was in the store too.”

When I had this dream, I was working on creating an online store which I called POOH’S STORE. It was on a website called Big Cartel and I worked hard photographing various art pieces, Native American designed t-shirts and hoodies, prayer flags, pillows etc. The result was the store, the products looked beautiful but I just wasn’t into doing anything with it.

Every week, I would make a resolution to read all the email tips I get from Shopify and Etsy but I could not make myself do anything.

It wasn’t the right time.

About a year ago my partner Jody Armijo, started making altars at my request.

2 altars nightI’ve been fascinated by altars for a long time, really ever since  I used to do home health in Texas, traveling to see home bound patients in Austin and the surrounding areas. Many of these patients were Hispanic and very poor but what I remember most about these visits  were the altars in their homes, always with the with candles burning. Every time I visited one of these patient’s homes, I felt a feeling of warmth, of life, of every day reverence that was missing in other homes I visited.day_dead altar

Since Jody began making altars a year ago, he has sold several and so this past week I started creating a store on Etsy for the altars. I named the store LA CASA DE ROSAS/THE HOUSE OF ROSES. because he incorporates roses, lots of them into everything he does.PURPLE:90+ ROSES ALTARSvalentine altar-candles

I’ve written about Jody a lot, his life, where his art comes from etc, so I’m not going to write more here except to say this quote describes him and probably why he always includes roses in whatever he creates.

.“Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature’s laws wrong….. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared.”
~Tupac Shakur The Rose that Grew from Concrete

In my vision, LA CASA DE ROSAS also represents a place: a place of beauty, of peace, of hope. Just now as I was writing this, I remembered back to when I was 7 years old and my dad, brother and I moved to Dallas Texas [I think none of us wanted to move except my dad who hoped to play golf all year around]. The house my parents bought had a rose garden but everything in that rose garden was dead and dried up, there were no roses, just the thorns. The roses had not been cared for and all the dead bushes affected life inside of our house which never became a home as my mother was dying during that year we moved. That rose garden symbolized that time in the life of our family.

Years later when my dad remarried, my stepmother spent a huge amount of money making the house and gardens beautiful. And though it was a beautiful house, it was only a superficial beauty. It was never a home.

LA CASA DE ROSAS is a place, a store but it’s also a feeling. It’s a place where it’s always Spring, and around the old adobe house with the turquoise door grow roses…It’s a little like that song, I Know Where Love Lives

You can buy Jody’s Altars here. They are meant to be for personal use, they are meant to bring hope and beauty and transcendence in this time when so many of us feel hopeless, depressed and discouraged. They are meant to bring in the angels.

There are also some other sacred art pieces: hearts and crossesBLUE HEART:FLOWERSBLUE CROSS:FLOWERS

Maybe La Casa de Rosas is the store, the place I dreamed about several months coming to life. I hope so.neo:la casa

*Photos of the Roses by Andy Pickard