SAKINA’S RESCUE and other stories

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”
― Francis of Assisi

This is a short post…I started another one earlier today about living on the edge:

 “Come to the edge,” he said.

“We can’t, we’re afraid!” they responded.

“Come to the edge,” he said.

“We can’t, We will fall!” they responded.
“Come to the edge,” he said.
And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.” ~Guillaume Apollinaire

But this one is more important for now.

This is about the animals we have rescued and brought herepurple hobbit gate front to Hobbiton to their ‘forever’ home.
Until about 15 years ago, I had never rescued an animal with the exception of one very tiny kitten I found stuck in a drainpipe one hot summer day in Austin, Texas. I heard him crying and felt I had to take him home even though I thought he would surely die on the long drive back. But he didn’t die. I named him FD short for Furry Devil and he went on to live with me for about 15 years.
 Then not long before I moved to New Mexico, I rescued a wolfdog from a shelter in Boerne, Texas. Some of the staff at my veterinarian’s office knew about her and begged me to take herdakota-eyes as she was about to be put down [this is what happens to most wolfdogs who end up in shelters-if they are thought to have any wolf content, they are put down almost immediately].
I agreed to go see her–she was in a dark, prison-like cage and I couldn’t bear to see such a beautiful animal in that situation.dakota-chair copy I named her Dakota and brought her home and a few years later, brought her with me to New Mexico…..dakota loves snow
From the beginning though, I’ve always had animals around me. My mother died when I was 9 and my dad felt that having pets would bring me comfort as well as a sense of responsibility…me:flip:beatle
smokey and me
                                                            ……and they did.
In New Mexico, I bought a place with a lot of space– 31 acres and when someone contacted me about rescuing two horses from Texas, I immediately said yes! Texas was experiencing a severe drought at that time and their owner couldn’t afford to feed them.redman looking
chloe:redman happyThe years passed….
Dakota lived to be about 12.  In the meantime, I had raised a wolfdog pup I named Shiloh and he lived with Dakota. She was too old to play with him but they loved each other and they were companions….. shiloh loves dakotaWhen Dakota died, Shiloh was left lost and alone, without a companion.
After many disappointments in my quest to find Shiloh a companion, I came in contact with Wanagi Wolf Rescue and W.O.L.F.Sanctuary  and with their help, it was only a short time before Shiloh’s first companion, Sakina arrived.jody pet sakina

This short video about Sakina’s rescue sums up the whole experience for me: the feelings, the need, the reasons why. * Sakina was originally meant to go to some people in Albuquerque but their dog didn’t get along with her and so she came here..forever.

Not long after Sakina came Apollo,apollosnowjan-17 a white low content wolfdog rescued from a very abusive home in Virginia.shiloh with roadie
And during this time period came the cats all needing a home: first PhantomPHANTOM AND POOH
followed by Maggiemaggiemorning-light-816 followed by Sylvester and Osoosaselena
And all was well. I thought of each one who came as part of my family and I was committed to taking care of them forever.
But a year ago things changed drastically for me….a series of ‘unforseen circumstances’ caused me to lose all my income, my savings, everything and many times since I have had to ask for help. And I have gotten help too, mostly from people who are animal lovers.
Here we live the simplest of life styles–off the grid with the sun providing electricity, the wood from the forest, heat, the greenhouse, foodgreenhouse w purple stepsBut the solar batteries are old and they are dying and that means no electricity here.
A few weeks ago I read about the power outage in San Francisco and I read that people were complaining because the outage was keeping them from making money. I was amazed! What no electricity means is no water, no phones, no computer, no refrigerator, no flushing the toilet and a lot more difficulties for people in the cities.
So this is my request: I’m asking for help..for contributions so I can replace the solar batteries, so we can be assured of having electricity. At night I often wake up and lie there wondering how we can manage. Water is the main thing..the batteries run the pump and it would be very difficult to haul enough water for all the animals and the greenhouse which needs to be watered twice a day.
I have 2 contribution/ funding sites: my gofundme page which tells the story of my work with terminally ill people and what happened… and a page I just put up specifically to raise money for the batteries–I  still need between $3000 and $4000. This site is ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL.
Thank you for whatever help you can give-large or small it will make a really will.