The Eagles have brought this message..

The whole world is coming,

A nation is coming, a nation is coming

The eagle has brought this message to the tribe

The father says so, the father says so…..

–Sioux Ghost Dance Song

Yesterday I drove over to Angel Fire, New Mexico, taking the back road through the mountains that is often not accessible in winter..ocate-angel fire rdWith spring coming in though, the road was good, angel roadit was a beautiful clear day and I put on some music for my journey, a CD that my friend, Cody Little Hawk Swimmer had recently sent. It’s called Spirit of the Mountains. 

As I drove I thought how perfectly the music fit with everything around me aspens green

For so long now, I have faced one challenge after another, to the point that I have felt that I cannot continue on, maybe I’m not meant to. Maybe I’ve done all I can do?  Knocked down, time after time, every time I have picked myself up, I’ve been knocked down again.

Over and over, I’ve asked for a sign, something to show me what to do but no sign has appeared until yesterday….

As I drove out of the forest into a clearing and then down a hill, there was a large pond very close to the road. Above the pond, very close and flying very low were two huge and beautiful Bald Eagles Eagles.shutterstock_eagle

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…there are a lot of hawks where I live but until yesterday, I had never seen a Bald Eagle outside of the zoo.Eagle_still

I watched them for a few moments, listening to Cody’s music and I thought, this is the sign I’ve been asking for.

eagle turtle lodgeIn the 7 Sacred Teachings of the Anishnabe People, the Eagle represents Love.  A few days before, I had seemed to hear a message which said “Love is all around you.” Oh sure I thought…some kind of love that puts me through this endless suffering.

“And when the child sees the appearance of the eagle flying in the sky and if they know what that eagle represents, whenever they see the eagle, they will always call upon the eagle for more love in their life or they will ask for more ways they can give love to life.” -Anishnabe Elder, Dave Courchene/Leading Earth Man

8th fire stills grandmother

Anishnabe Elder/Grandmother speaks through eagle feather, ensuring that she will always speak through love

The image of the eagles stayed with me as I drove on and it always was so sudden, beautiful and powerful….an entry into a sacred world..

I was going to the grocery store in Angel Fire and whenever I’m there, I usually talk for a few minutes with one of the checkers, a woman named Doris.

A few weeks before, when I was in the store, there was a loud crash. A young boy had fallen out of a grocery cart and though he wasn’t hurt he was very embarrassed and humiliated. I watched as Doris quickly came to comfort him, picking him up and talking to him in the kindest voice, telling him that this could happen to anyone. How amazing I remember thinking. How many people in this world today, would bother, would even notice.

Doris was there yesterday and I asked her if she ever sees eagles. Yes she said, and she told me that not very long ago, she had been driving home after work and an eagle had flown right in front of her car and then turning abruptly, had guided her toward home. The eagle she said, had flown in front her until 2 cars came up behind her and then it had taken off.. She said that it had made her cry.

Of course I thought, because she represents Love and her life is not an easy one, the Eagle came..

I wanted to let Cody know about the eagles and how his music seemed to be connected to the them, almost as if the sound of his flute had somehow called them forth. So I put up a photo of an eagle and a message on his Facebook page.

Several people commented but one woman’s message in particular was especially meaningful.

She wrote:

Eagle Medicine is the power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine, the ability to live in the realm of spirit and still remain connected and balanced within the realm of Mother Earth – Eagle represents a state of grace achieved through hard work, understanding and a completion of the tests of initiation which result in taking of ones personal powers. Eagle is reminding you to take heart and gather your courage, for the universe is presenting you with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of your life.”

How beautiful and hopeful… maybe the eagles did bring a message, maybe Love really is all around me.

The eagle appears in many places it seems. The photo below is from a mural painted by inmates at the Santa Fe Penitentiary….

eagle sf pen

SANTA FE PENITENTIARY, SANTA FE, NM  photo credit: Michelle Line

I’m finishing this post with Cody Little Hawk Swimmer’s Amazing Grace. Please take time to listen to his music…CODY:SPIRITWhen he played his flute at an event we did in Taos a few years ago, three different people,including a young child, told him that they could see the angels around him as he played.CODY FLUTE MYSTICAL

I’ve also included this film clip below of an eagle catching fish because it shows their incredible power, majesty and beauty…

*I did not take the feature image of the eagle is a Shutterstock stock photo