Last night I posted this last episode of THE SACRED PLANT on Facebook and I wrote about how years ago I had done volunteer work with the kids at MD Anderson in Houston. There was an 18 year old girl I worked with who I’ll never forget. I can’t remember her name but I remember that she was from somewhere in Tennessee…and she had an inoperable brain tumor which was growing very fast. Her mom was with her and she wanted so much to take her daughter home to die…she had only a few weeks left to live. But it was not allowed. This girl was blasted with radiation and chemo til she could not even raise her head..and then she died there in the hospital…very quickly. And I know of several other stories just like this.

There was a doctor working there at MD Anderson who I knew fairly well and one day I asked him what he would do if he was diagnosed with cancer. “I would go skiing.” he said. But what about all these treatments I asked. “Oh I would never do that” he said. “That’s all experimental.”

I wrote in my previous posts that I have never been interested in marijuana/cannabis…I had nothing against just wasn’t a part of my life. marijuana branchBut when I moved to New Mexico 8 years ago, many people that I met, smoked. Still I didn’t think much about it until there was a drug bust here in this tiny community.

It happened one peaceful Fall morning.: 2 helicopters starting circling very low right above my place. I thought maybe someone had escaped from prison or there had been an accident but it was a drug bust: My neighbor was growing a small amount of marijuana for personal use.

The helicopters circled for hours and then military vehicles followed..maybe 10. It was terrifying watching them driving up the road in a line, the uniformed men armed with automatic weapons….it was like watching a movie about Nazi Germany. The one man these people were after was in his 60s..nevertheless they handcuffed him, put him on the floor, training their automatic weapons on him. FOR WHAT???? They were there for hours, keeping him handcuffed, taking his plants and his possessions. He spent the night in jail.  And this ‘event’ can only be described as PURE EVIL.

Meanwhile New Mexico has a huge problem with drunk drivers who get multiple DWIs and nothing much happens. I’m sure, that day of the drug bust, there were several people in this same area driving drunk.

That day, of the drug bust, I became a supporter of marijuana legalization but I still understood little about it until I watched this Sacred Plant series….and at the same time,  I was also able to personally witness 2  healing MIRACLES related to medical cannabis.

There’s a war happening now :a war between good and evil, between the dark and the light. The war is happening everywhere in many areas of life on earth. Courageous people are exposing truths that have been purposely hidden for years through lies, propaganda, threats etc..The truth about cannabis has been hidden out of pure greed..

Watch THE SACRED PLANT and you will understand..



I know that there is corruption and evil in this world, increasingly so, but I have never seen anything like this. You can watch THE SACRED PLANT for free if you simply sign up.

There is a lot more I wanted to say but I’ll leave at this. [I’m feeling so angry as I write this and I try not to write much when I’m this angry.]

Whatever your beliefs, judgements etc….you will be forever changed by watching THE SACRED PLANT. Episode 5 is especially enlightening..and  Sad. If you still think you live in ‘the land of the free’, you’re in for a big surprise.


Last night I watched Part 3 of THE SACRED PLANT series. I think this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever watched. There is so much verified information about this plant’s ability to heal numerous diseases and conditions, while meanwhile exposing the treachery and hypocrisy of the US government in preventing people from having access to this medicine. This treachery is exposed in the fact that the US government owns a patent on medical cannabis, and in the fact that the US National Institutes of Health has funded a great deal of research on medical cannabis in Israel [Israel has a very successful medical cannabis program]. While jailing people in the US for possession.

As I wrote in my last post I never smoked marijuana though I had nothing against it. I thought of it whenever I thought of Willy Nelson [I love Willy Nelson] and Woodstock. I just wasn’t interested one way or another but I personally witnessed some really incredible, undeniable MIRACLES OF HEALING which inspired me to watch THE SACRED PLANT series.

Let the TRUTH come out NOW!


I might not be so interested in this if I had not witnessed some actual MIRACLES of HEALING. Even though I am part of the Hippie Generation, I never smoked marijuana not because I was against it but because I’m just not the smoking type–any type of smoke makes me cough.

But this is not about smoking.

Very recently some truths that have been hidden for years and years have been coming to light–Hollywood sexual harassment and pedophilia for example, and this is just the very tip of the iceberg.

With everything that happens, you have to ask who is benefiting?  So in the case of preventing marijuana from being legalized who is benefiting?  Well, ‘Elementary My Dear Watson’. The Pharmaceutical Industry of course because in their case, it’s not about’s about MONEY…..and GREED. If you can heal yourself, what happens to them?

When you go to Walgreen’s for example and there are announcements on the loud speaker and big signs advertising flu shots, pneumonia shots, shingles shots, dollar sign

do you REALLY think they are trying to help you???

So as I wrote in my last post, whatever judgements, opinions, beliefs you may have, this documentary will be enlightening, inspirational and it may very well make a huge difference in your life or the life of someone you know.

Episode 2 of The Sacred Plant is about how it actually heals the body

MARIJUANA: the Healing,the Music, the Truth

“Over the course of the next several months, Randy’s condition improved so dramatically that his doctors expressed feelings ranging from wild excitement to stunned disbelief. “Keep doing whatever you’re doing,” they would counsel.

However, when Randy and Molly would inform them of the methods they had adopted in treating Randy’s condition, the doctors did not seem interested in hearing it.

“In Pennsylvania, the doctors won’t acknowledge it,” Molly explains. “They skim over it every time.” -from Does Cannabis Treat Cancer?


I’m writing about marijuana again because yesterday a friend of the Brown Piglet gave him a tie dyed marijuana t-shirtapril snow:jody:t-shirt.jpgand I liked it – it reminded me of the 60s..marijuana t:snow….a time so very, very different from this one. Back then I didn’t feel any of the fear or unease I feel nearly all the time now. I don’t remember ever wondering if humans would be able to survive on this Earth….I just remember the smell of incense which I always associate with peace and I remember a feeling of belonging, of Woodstock and the psychedelic clubs and the music..especially the MUSIC…it was a GOOD time.

At the same time, the Brown Piglet got his t-shirt, he had just planted his first plants in our greenhouse.jody's mota plant beginningHe has his medical cannabis card and license to grow a limited number of plants for himself as he has been diagnosed with PTSD.

And then also I had gotten an email from Green Flower Media about a man who was cured of Stage 4 cancer using cannabis.   * there are many cases of healing using cannabis..again, easy to research   Watch and Read:  Does Cannabis Cure Cancer

So I thought about these things: About how just in the last couple weeks, I have been behind 4 drunk drivers or seemingly drunk, weaving all over the road. And I thought about how alcohol is so wholly promoted and advertised, no matter the huge number of deaths caused by drunk drivers and the violent behavior so often connected to alcohol.


I thought how the government is heavily invested in bringing in the dangerous drugs like heroin, cocaine [this is very easy to research and I have already written about this in MAPLE SYRUP FOR THE BRAIN ]
while, at the same time, arresting and jailing people for marijuana is a BIG, LUCRATIVE BUSINESS here in the US.  [again,so easy to research]

“America’s four-decade war on drugs is responsible for many casualties, but the criminalization of marijuana has been perhaps the most destructive part of that war. The toll can be measured in dollars — billions of which are thrown away each year in the aggressive enforcement of pointless laws. It can be measured in years — whether wasted behind bars or stolen from a child who grows up fatherless. And it can be measured in lives — those damaged if not destroyed by the shockingly harsh consequences that can follow even the most minor offenses….”

-Jesse Wegman The Injustice of Marijuana Arrests/The New York Times

But  I decided rather than write anymore I would post some music, some songs about marijuana for the lighter touch which we all need in this world….speaking for myself, I’m so tired of ‘the news’, the violence, the hatred, the insanity and except for maybe one, the politicians. So here’s some music for humor, happiness, a light in the darkness..all that music brings:

PS I don’t smoke marijuana…I just can’t stand injustice, the lies and the propaganda




Willie Nelson – Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die (Snoop Dogg, Jamey Johnson, Kris Kristofferson)