PAY IT FORWARD/Somewhere Over the Rainbow

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I started writing this blog for 2 main reasons: I wanted to share some experiences, stories, quotes, photos, film clips and music that I thought might be helpful or inspiring to others and I also wanted to bring awareness to RITES OF PASSAGE [originally called AIDS Care and Assistance], the non profit organization I founded in 1988, 28 years ago this month.aids article:mary

I founded RITES OF PASSAGE to provide home care for people with AIDS and other terminally ill patients and to offer education on death and dying. This we have done to the very best of our ability.

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joe:amputeeFile_01 lee-hug You can read about RITES OF PASSAGE here or on our website

I love the movie, Pay it Forward and so for all these years, we have lived mainly by the ‘pay it forward’ philosophy in that we have provided home care and help for countless patients at no cost to them and the films we have been made, have not been for the purpose of making money but rather to bring more understanding, compassion and inspiration into this world. Between Now and Forever 041Our films have reached many hundreds of peopleangels article 2 and in turn these people have taken the messages from the films to others….ahhpm audienceTen months ago RITES OF PASSAGE lost all its funding very suddenly and it has been a HUGE test of faith and a struggle to survive since then.

I have never been any good at raising money, I don’t understand how to do it……But today I had this thought..I always like to do something  for anyone who helps RITES OF PASSAGE or myself and so I thought another way to continue this pay it forward philosophy is: whenever anyone makes a contribution to us, we will pay it forward by sending one of our DVDs or something relevant from POOH’S STORE to an organization or individual who will benefit from it.

An example might be donating our Turning Toward the Morning DVD to a church, hospice or bereavement group.

Or a cross in memory of a friend or family member

or a poster to a Native American organization

So if you would like to participate you can make a contribution: here
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and you can email me at: if there is an individual or organization, where you would like us to pay it forward

Below is a really beautiful, kind of pay it forward film clip with the music of Israel [‘Iz’] Over the Rainbow