Part of The Great Galaxy  by Michael Grindstaff   Horseshoe Canyonn, Utah

“Protest, conflict and anger will do nothing. That is not the way of the Creator. We will not move forward if we are angry and bitter. We must move forward with love and kindness. Even toward those who have perpetrated injustice toward us. We must love them and be kind to them. That is the spirituality of our people – to be kind to each other and to the land. That is how they will learn and how we will heal.”
~Turtle Lodge Elder, Dave Courchene


I haven’t felt like writing anything lately–I’ve felt tired, angry, disgusted with the world– not the Earth but with its people especially those who ‘run’ the world governments [with a very few exceptions].

Sometimes at night I sit by the big window in my sun room and wait for the ship that will come and pick me up and get me out of here! I have heard several times that Earth is the most primitive of all the planets..the most difficult to live on….and the White Race, the baby of the 4 original races.-you-are-here-galaxy-space-science-poster-print

Waiting for the ship…..turtlelodge_skylight may seem to be a is and it isn’t. I cannot relate to the ugliness in this world anymore.

So looking for some hope, inspiration, some light in this darkness, I think of the time I spent with the First Nations People of Canada, turtlelodgepic copyin particular at the TURTLE LODGE in Manitoba.

My son and I made two documentary films thereturtle lodge-jacko Below are some photos from these films: The 8th Fire and Manitou Api~Where the Sun Rises…also a film clip and the trailers from both.

blue tipi

8th fire stills grandmotherdave-closeup-turtle-site

drummerspetroform drummers -eagle  2red shadow:turtle lodge



dave-frank-film crew


bob-bigfoot-color copy


sasquatch-feetigniting-the camp

jacko-drumsceltic drummers 2taiko drummers


kids circle

kids circle-chinese girllittle boy-camp-1

These documentaries are SO relevant now, not because we made them but because they bring forth the wisdom of the Elders–they can help if people will only take time to watch and listen. But it’s difficult to get anyone’s attention in these times, in the age of selfies and Facebook.

“Nero fiddled while Rome burned” ‘ROME’ IS BURNING NOW:….this world teeters on the brink: North Korea fired off another missile today, the government of the US has dissolved into complete and total insanity, Hawaii is preparing for a nuclear attack…..

But there’s still a little time..a very little time to wake up…a little time to make some changesthunderbird-dustin

The 8th Fire and Manitou Api~Where the Sun Rises are available here

8th Fire – Njacko Backo clip from Andy Pickard on Vimeo.

Manitou Api ~ Where The Sun Rises from Andy Pickard on Vimeo.