Buy a T-SHIRT and Support a Wolfdog

buy t supprt wdA few years ago, my son and I made a documentary film called ON THE LAND ~Together with the Earth and Taos Pueblo artist, Jonathan Warm Day Coming created a t-shirt which communicates the message of the film.LAND TSHIRT:WALLon the land t back

For the back of the shirt, Jonathan chose his own message: The Earth will bring people from all walks of life togetheron_the_land_tshirt_back

I think we could see this happening recently in Houston as so many people from different cultures and walks of life…..came to help. The Hurricane, Nature, the Earth brought people together and offered a vision that reached around the world..of how life on earth could be.


Last year we rescued 2 wolfdogs, Apollo and Sakina, as companions for our 2 year old wolfdog, Shiloh. We rescued them just a few days before they were scheduled to be killed.




Sakina, Shiloh , Roadie [Belgian Shepherd] and Apollo

Wolfdogs are not dogs, they do not behave like dogs and they require special care so many people who get them as puppies….shiloh-10-weeks because they are so cute

more often than not, find that they are unable to keep them…and so they are sent to a shelter where their life usually ends very quickly

.Wolfdogs are almost immediately put down/killed if they are sent to a shelter.


If you like to help support these most beautiful creatures, Shiloh, Apollo and Sakina–their care and feeding, YOU CAN order an ON THE LAND T-SHIRT HERE And you will not only help support a wolfdog, you will carry a message that is so much needed now: The Earth will bring people from all walks of life t supprt wdshiloh with roadie

*You can also, if you prefer make a donation. It’s been a difficult and challenging 2 years however I think the phoenix is rising.

Below is the story of the rescue of Sakina, our female, very low content, wolfdog. The people who planned to keep her, could not and so she was sent here. Also below is the trailer for our documentary, ON THE LAND ~Together with the Earth

*Featured image photo of Shiloh, photo of ‘the pack’ and photo of Shiloh and Apollo by Karen Yeager

On The Land ~ trailer 1 from Andy Pickard on Vimeo.

on_the_land_DVDYou can order a copy of ON THE LAND here.