dakota visits piglets


We have two wolf dogs: Dakota and Shiloh.

shiloh 9 months old


dakota loves snow


Dakota was adopted from an animal shelter in Boerne, Texas.  At the urging of my vet I went to see her; she was scheduled to die the following day because she was part wolf. I couldn’t bear to see a wolf behind bars and I adopted her. She was very thin, starved from being dumped out in the streets.dakota-chair copyShiloh came from a breeder in northern California. He was nine weeks old when he arrived here.SHILOH 10 WEEKSI was told by the breeder to keep him with me all the time for at least two weeks. Otherwise he would never be tame enough to catch. Contrary to what many people believe, wolves are very shy and fearful of humans [with good reason].

They are very family oriented, living in packs with an alpha male and alpha female leading the pack. These two mate for life. All the wolves help in caring for the puppies who are born. They are very kind and have a mischievous sense of humor and often to me anyway,  they seem far more evolved than many humans.

We took Shiloh for lots of walks shiloh:jody:snowand until he was 8 months, I brought him  inside at night…

Jody Armijo and Shiloh

Jody Armijo and Shiloh

where we listened together to the Spiritual Teacher, Eckhart TOLLE which calmed us both.

Wolves are considered to be sacred animals by many Native American tribes and to the Anishnabe People of Canada, the wolf represents the teaching of humility.

It is the wolf that brings the teachings of humbleness. The first thing that the young child sees as he meets the Wolf is that the Wolf will stop and bow its head, which is a reflection of the Wolf showing its humbleness to the presence of the human being.

The teaching of humility is very important in our life. Much of the division we see in today’s world is because people have not understood the spirit of humility: to understand the spirit of humility is to understand that no one is above another human being. No one is greater than another human being in this life; no one is lesser than another human being.

To be humble is to see us equally in the eyes of the Great Spirit through the unconditional love of the Great Spirit. His love is expressed to all of us in the same way that the sun will shine on us. The sun does not choose to shine on any one person alone or any one race of people, it shines on all.

-Anishnabe Elder Dave Courchene from The Seven Sacred Teachings




SHILOH 5 months

jan 16 comanche

COMANCHE who lived to be 16 years old

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